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Live Streaming GST Summit 2018: Intelligent Tax Technology to Drive GST 2.0

GST is all over the place. A lot of tax professionals are bewildered at the complexity of taxation in this evolving regime. Manual taxation is making matters worse because there’s more room for errors now than ever before considering the volume of regulatory changes and confusion. There are so many technological options to simplify compliance, which for sure is the trickier part, but determination is still under-estimated. Amidst this lack of awareness on simplification of taxation, this GST Summit was definitely a need of the hour.

Thomson Reuters and TaxSutra have come together to conduct the second edition of GST Summit inviting all the leaders to talk about solutions to the major implementation challenges, the litigations that have surfaced, and the technological advancement in the world of tax.

The chief discussion points of the summit are
  1. How is industry dealing with Anti-profiteering?
  2. GSTN Perspective and How Technology has enabled GST Compliance
  3. Intricacies of E-Way bill - Has GST achieved Supply Chain disruption?
  4. Treatment of Exports & Imports under GST - Interplay with Customs & FTP
  5. Input Tax Credit Eligibility – Industry Challenges
  6. Litigation Trends and Experiences under GST
  7. Innovation driven by GST
Watch the summit live online through this live streaming of GST 2.0 –Hitting the Reset Button!

While this summit does help answer a lot of questions, the bigger question still is “How to cut through the labyrinthine of GST affairs?”

Technology is the only way to go.

Thomson Reuters, the answer company, presents an answer to all the new GST complexities cropping up in this borderline chaotic regime. ONESOURCE, the only India GST solution that integrates with your existing ERP(s) and simplifies GST, is helping organizations consolidate their tax determination and compliance through a single trusted source of information. ONESOURCE has untangled taxation from one end to another.

The disruption has happened. You can stay on the right side of it. Switch to intelligent tax technology because technology is the future of taxation.