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Orga: Innovative OCR App to Securely Scan Text, Objects & Nudity in Photos

Orga is an innovative and feature-rich optical character recognition (OCR) app, which we recently stumbled upon and were mesmerized by its functionality. It gave a new definition to searching and organizing photos in phone and is the smartest photo vault we’ve come across.

Orga is an Optical Recognition app that gives you the flexibility of searching text in photos and objects also lets you organize them in an encrypted photo vault.

Optical Character Recognition Features

Leveraging the feature of Apple’s iOS 11 CoreML, Orga makes the screenshot text searchable. With the help of advanced AI and NFSW detection model, it can scan photos for nudity, while the nudity levels can be adjusted by setting AI sensitivity levels to different stages.

Further, thousands of different objects such as trees, mountains, car, food, etc. can be detected. Orga scans and indexes all the photos on phone and converts them in a perfectly organizable format.

In addition to the above features, Orga can also scan text from your camera roll and indexes it. This feature helps you in searching the text that is embedded in your pictures or phone screenshots. In order to utilize this feature, Orga provides a text search feature with a search bar where you can look for a text that might have been embedded in the screenshots taken.


The privacy is taken into much consideration with Orga. It works completely offline on your own device and the photos are not uploaded anywhere online or on a cloud. All the photos are stored in Orga's fully encrypted photo vault, the app is password protected and all photo metadata, such as geolocation and timestamp, is privately preserved on the device.

After searching the camera roll, all the photos and screenshots can be bulk imported into password protected vault and further bifurcated and organized into customizable folders.

Features in a Nutshell

  1. Quickly scan and index thousands of photos that your phone has stored
  2. Provides private and offline Artificial intelligence.
  3. Custom AI sensitivity level for nudity detection.
  4. Separates folders to categorize pictures into memes, documents, receipts, etc.
  5. Search photos for text, nudity, and different objects.
  6. Works offline.
  7. No requirement to configure Credit Card.
  8. Extremely secure with encrypted photos on vault
  9. Password protected app.
  10. Orga is free, has no ads and is exclusively available on the iOS App Store.


Orga’s complete development is a result of an idea by Co-founder Henry Ngan from Hong Kong. Orga is committed to the highest standard of privacy where no personal data is collected and it is built on a base which gives security the utmost importance where the images are never shared on the cloud.

We loved the app, with its great features, a high sense of security and highly organizable vault with machine learning capabilities. The app is freely available for download on iPhone and supports live photos, as well. Go ahead and give it a try, we bet, you will like it.