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A Breakdown of AC-DC Power

Whilst many people have heard of AC-DC (most through the popular hard rock band from Australia), there are few people who actually know how AC-DC power works. The definition of each is actually fairly simple; AC stands for alternating current, and DC stands for direct current. Together, these two currents allow the majority of electronic devices in the world to work. In light of this, here is a basic rundown of AC-DC power and power supplies.

How Does AC-DC Work?

AC-DC power supplies work by converting alternating current into direct current. Alternating current is the strong current in which the flow of electrons regularly changes. It is the current which usually delivered through power lines and into sockets in homes, offices, and most other buildings.

Alternating current cannot be used by most digital electronic devices, and so needs to be converted to direct current. Devices like laptops, for instance, have a converter which changes the AC from the wall into DC for the device, allowing it to use electricity for a multitude of purposes.

What Are AC-DC Power Supplies?

AC-DC power supplies are used for a number of different purposes. They usually allow digital devices to use electricity to fulfill their purpose, and as such are often used in industrial settings to power different devices.

Many people purchase AC-DC power supplies from specialists such as XP Power, given that so many devices require them nowadays. So, it is fair to say that without AC-DC power supplies, many modern day devices simply would not be able to function, and electricity would be limited to simple uses (powering AC lamps, for instance).

The Future of AC-DC

Since a large proportion of electronic devices are now digital, it is likely that AC-DC power will continue to be used for modern day technology. There are different types of AC-DC power supplies on the market, and as technology advances, more may well be developed in the future.

As long as devices do not go back to using analog technology, AC-DC will continue to be a necessity when it comes to powering electronic devices across the world.

So, whilst the concept of AC-DC power may at first seem complex, it is fairly simple in reality. AC-DC power was an essential part of the digital revolution and will continue to shape the way electronic devices are created and developed for many years to come.