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Essential HR Issues Which Technology Can Track

Staying on top of human resource (HR) issues can be a big challenge, whether you run a start-up with only five employees or are part of a larger corporation. There are many common HR issues which business owners should track, and thanks to advancements in technology most of this can be done quickly and easily. If you want to get on top of your HR processes in an efficient manner, then start to use some of the specifically designed software to track the following key areas.

Personal Data

There’s all sorts of data and information gathered about employees, mainly when they first start. Using professional HR software allows you to store this safely and quickly access it when required, to update or change anything. Rather than filling out loads of forms by hand and/or scanning them in, this can make the onboarding process much faster. Plus, for tracking changes in an employee’s situation over time (such as how their pay has increased) can be done in a much simpler manner.


Pay discrepancies can be the bane of an HR executive’s life, having to constantly check payslips and other information whenever someone raises an issue. Streamlining all of this into one platform, where all the required information is in one place makes dealing with such queries a lot more efficient. This way there’s not as much back and forth between the head of HR and other departments. Plus, it can work out more cost-effective to invest in such a system rather than hire more employees.


Tracking the daily tasks of what workers do is a great way to have a good overview of productivity. Use a system where employees can clock what jobs they did and how long they took, which should help highlight any areas where too much or little time is being spent on certain tasks. For HR it can also show if any employees aren’t pulling their weight or are doing more than expected so they can be appropriately warned or rewarded.

Time Off

Holidays and sickness can be tracked simply with a lot of HR software. By simply inputting whenever someone is off on annual leave or sick this can help clearly define how much time they have left to take in a year. It also displays if people have taken a worrying amount of time off sick or can be rewarded for going a full year without having a sick day, to boost morale.
HR technology can make tracking all these elements and more simple.