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Tefal's Air Purifiers for Clean Air at Home

Air Pollution is standing on the brink of emergency level in most cities of India. This is affecting not only the air outside but our homes as well where we feel safe inside the closed doors of our abode. We tend to think of air pollution as something which is outside of our homes but the air inside our homes or offices can be more polluted than the air outside.

There is no denying to the fact that outside pollution is a cause of pollutants in our homes but not all are aware that smoking, scented candles, cleaning products, pressed wood material, fur, hair, paints, varnish, glue etc. add impurities to breathing air inside our homes.

We have been doing our research about different technologies involved in cleaning the air. Different air purifiers work differently but one air purifier which caught our attention is Tefal's Air Purifiers as it is the only air purifiers in the market that permanently kills carcinogenic formaldehyde, the most harmful indoor pollutant using the patented NanoCaptur technology.

Tefal's air purifier is coupled with four levels of filtration systems and works at four different speeds, where each filter purifies air for different types of pollutants. Tefal’s air purifiers have patented NanoCaptur technology which gets rid of as much as 99.97% of indoor pollution. Also, these purifiers work silently and let one breathe clean air in complete tranquility. Tefal’s air purifier is extremely useful for people with weak immunity, kids and elderly who are prone to catch flu, common cold and other allergic and asthmatic diseases.

Coming to the aesthetics, Tefal’s air purifiers can work effectively in small rooms as well as large halls measuring up to 850 sq.ft. You can witness yourself the change in the quality of air as the purifier automatically senses pollution and the color on top of the device changes to red for a high level of pollutants, purple for mild and blue for pure air.

Also, the air purifier comes with a timer where it can be set to automatically switch on at the desired time every day before you reach home from the office. It also encompasses of a night mode, an adjustable air outlet for optimum performance, easy to maintain filters, automatically adjustable filtration speed and quiet operability releasing sounds as low as low as 28dB(A).

Tefal Air Purifier uses the most advanced technology to provide a safe and clean breathable environment using patented and exclusive NanoCaptur Technology. This filters all types of pollutants that can be found at home and brings down the level of pollutants from PM2.5 hazardous level to normal level in mere 15 minutes and helps kids grow in a cleaner environment.

Sources of outdoor pollutants can differ but the quality of outdoor air is generally deteriorating, with new challenges such as pollution due to climate change, adjacent highways or among others. We are more prone to risk inside our homes with the exterior environment quality becoming poorer with time.

All, in all, a good healthy life cannot be replaced by anything. Air purifiers coupled with technologically advanced features has the potential to provide a fit and happy life for us and for our families.