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Luft Qi - Your Personal Air Guardian

Take a deep breath – If you can! Well, can you feel the pollutants around you? The impurities produced from candles, food fires, kitchen smoke, adhesives, cleaning products are very harmful and can be a major cause of respiratory diseases like asthma or other allergies.

Improving air quality is a necessity and while looking for a product that caters to the same, we stumbled upon Luft Qi. The first compact air purifier that uses nanotechnology to remove the harmful substances such as airborne bacteria, mold etc. and help you breathe cleaner air, anytime and anywhere.

Luft Qi is beautifully and minimally designed air purifier that is induced with photo-catalysis nanotechnology and delivers high performance with no additional need of filters and is extremely energy efficient. By just plugging in the device to the surroundings you can destroy the bacteria, virus, allergens, fungus and all the other toxic gases near you.

As we have mentioned earlier, Luft Qi does not use traditional HEPA filters to collects or tarp pollutants. HEPA filters can be good at trapping bacteria and mold, but do you know that they are also perfect places for bacteria and mold to grow? It has been proven by studies that microorganisms can multiply on filters more quickly and then they are released back into the air.

Alternatively, Luft Qi’s nanotechnology destroys pollutants completely and kills more than 80% of bacteria in the air in less than 30 minutes.

Further, for Luft Qi, all pollutants are dangerous and none are too small to be ignored. Though viruses can easily go unnoticed by HEPA filters and can stay alive on them for as long as 200 days. Luft Qi, on the other hand, can easily identify these viruses and protect you from the common viral diseases like influenza (the flu). Also, the toxic gases can be too small to be captured by HEPA filters but, Luft Qi not only captures them but also breaks them at a molecular level and provides a cleaner air to breathe.

All of this is possible because of patented nano-reactor that is contained in Luft Qi in the face of a brushless fan. The same that we have been used for computer servers and it is absolutely safe to run 24 hours. The LED and the fan can last as long as 40,000 hours, i.e 4.5 years.

Let's have a quick look at how this little device can help you get a healthy respiratory system and comfortable living.
  1. UV Led Photolysis, a patented nano-reactor with Photolytic Oxidation technology.
  2. It is filter-free, which saves money and also the additional cleaning effort and waste.
  3. Its portability is amazing, with size as small as of a soda can and weighing 5.6 oz, this is a perfect tool to get healthy air anywhere.
  4. Toxic chemicals are removed by decomposing chemicals into harmless molecules.
  5. Germs are eliminated by breaking down mold, virus, and bacteria
  6. Odors of all kinds of cigarette smell, pet smell, or mildew stench are efficiently removed.
  7. It is eco-friendly, as, it produces no waste and hence zero ozone.
  8. Energy efficiency is inevitable with this product, as it gets its juice from a USB! Which, will cost less than $5 a year.
  9. When the device runs, it produces a sound no higher than a whisper, or rattling leaves, i.e. noise levels are maintained under 25db.

So why wait for a healthier air? Rather, bring it to you by taking Luft Qi everywhere. In the next room of your house or to your office! All you need is to plug Luft Qi to your laptop, desktop, adaptor, power bank, or any USB port and have the healthier life.

If you like the concept, you can help them raise funds for the same on Indiegogo, so that they can bring this awesome innovative product to life.