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4 Ways to Take Back Your Business and Get Things Back in Order

It often happens in business when a business owner gets complacent, and things start going wrong in day-to-day operations. Things that are supposed to happen like clockwork are falling by the wayside.

But it’s not too late. Who is the owner? You are. This is your time to step up and get things back in order. Here are 4 ways to take over your business.

1. Humble Yourself and Rally

The first thing a leader needs to do is humbly acknowledge and take responsibility for his or her lack of attention to detail. You will gain the respect of your staff.

Now, you rally them. This is not a time for criticism or threats. You need to simply tell them that “okay, you’re all doing a good job overall, we just need to get a few things back on track.” Commend them first, then point out deficiencies in a way that moves them to want to make the necessary corrections.

2. Delegate or Not?

Maybe in all the excitement you were just too busy to notice because you were tied up with lots of tasks. This would be a good time to reexamine your priorities to see if you can take some of those tasks can be passed on to other capable staff. This would certainly free you up to give better attention to the deficient things that you missed before.

Sometimes the situation calls for the reverse. If you have delegated something to someone on your staff, and they failed to satisfactorily follow through on it. It could be that you may have to take the task back or pass it on to another employee.

3. Website Work

If your website is not bringing in business because it is not bringing in any traffic. Maybe some tweaks to how you drive traffic to the site are in order. Maybe it’s your design.

It could be your SEO strategy. You need to choose your keywords carefully. Doing it yourself is possible, but with the endless stream of keywords and phrases being searched, it will take forever to do it right.

This is where you might need some help. A Keyword Research Guide can be of assistance. It can help you to find the best keywords for your business so that the search engines can find your website.

4. Check Your Books

Key business decisions are often made based on what’s happening in your books. Do you know how good your bookkeeper is? If you’re not sure, and there are some mysterious things going on, this is a good time to answer some questions.

When you ask your bookkeeper a question, are they able to answer quickly? Or can they pull up the information in a reasonable time? If your answer is yes, then it’s on to the next question.

Are you able to see your cash flow situation on a moment’s notice any day? If not, then your books are not begin updated regularly. It might just be an oversight, but you might need to have a little pep talk with your bookkeeper.

Are you finding mistakes in the books on several occasions? One way to find out for sure is to check with your CPA. If they are making constant corrections, then it’s obvious that bookkeeping is not doing its job.


Just remind yourself that you are the owner. You are responsible for the successes and failures of your business. You don’t have to be a tyrant, but you need to take over or retake over your business. If you are facing a situation like this, we hope you benefited from this article.