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Backlink Checker SEO Tools - Identify Backlinks of a Website

In SEO, the most important resources are backlinks and that is why sites promoters spend lots of time hunting links. If you are searching for links and its source in hand, then you can easily do that. Whether you wish to research your link profile and scan your competitor’s links, you need to utilize backlink checkers to do this. This is the main reason behind the importance of backlink checker apps, which is considered the most famous SEO tools among others.

Check backlinks through software and checking tools

You can check backlinks easily through various checking tools as well as software, which are paid and free both. Creating these links is very important for your website in case you want to reach on top of the search engine. These links work as a vote for your site as you require votes for high ranking. When you get these backlinks through similar source time and over again without changes, Google notices this and ranks your site lower than sites that are getting these links from huge sources. So you should always try to fetch these from different domains.

Aim for 100+ backlinks

Always aim for 100+ different links. Backlinks quality matters a lot when it comes to Google ranking and one may not get reprimanded if they are getting lower quality backlinks yet they will not get any benefit either. Always use high PR websites while creating your links. Backlink checkers are accessible to do the job. The website quality is measured in Page Rank or PR on a scale of 0 to 10. Here number 10 is considered the highest among all. PR of five or more is regarded as high PR and if you get links from websites with PR5+ then it’s going to help you a lot with site ranking.

Quantity is needed

A specific number of backlink is required for Google so that your website comes into notice. Though you may want to build links naturally with time and once the website is established, start using links to enhance the volume. When you improve the number of backlinks then you will get more benefits as you are using quality ones and simply adding more to them. Usually, new sites are more conservative when it comes to the number of links. There are many prominent checkers and widely used tool for SEO are there but you need to choose the best that suit your needs. You can even download free checkers for links and site ranking profiles. These are very straightforward and available free of cost. You simply need to enter your site URL and the site explorer produces page list attached to it.

Author Bio:

Nidhi Mahajan is a content writer and Link builder. She works as a Digital Marketer for her clients and builds High-Quality links to enhance the client’s website. For more information, you can contact her at Pop-pins.com.