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Big Data can help Governments by reporting Threats, Frauds and Crimes

Big data is an advanced technology which has been helping humans by making their lives simpler and smarter. This technology is now helping governments by ensuring a safer environment for civilians. Advanced human-led intelligence tools are being used by governments for better law enforcement, stronger defense, and national security. This innovative and cutting-edge technology helps in generating actionable intelligence which detects and prevents physical or cyber threats.

Emergencies are always uncalled for, be it sudden traffic disruptions, natural calamities or disturbance by terrorists. Response to such activities must always be prompt and the government must be prepared for all major or minor adversities. So, how can a government benefit from big data in order to handle catastrophe situations? Let us see some of the ways by which advanced human-led intelligence can contribute to society.

1) Superior Cyber Security

As technology is evolving, so are cyber criminals. They have become agile and sophisticated thus endangering our cyber identity. Big data and Analytics can not only detect a threat but also help in identifying an organization or people behind any cybercrime and their probable reason for committing it. This will evolve our cybersecurity system and strategy from a defensive to a proactive one.

2) Social Program Compliance

A government has to function properly and efficiently to provide resources to citizens such that they accurately meet their needs. In such cases, a government cannot afford to waste resources. Big data and analytics can help in predicting civil needs and program results. Also, an insight into enhancing intake, eligibility determination, familial relationships can be understood. This will also help greatly in reducing fraud claims through identity thefts.

3) Operations and Finance

Government operations can be greatly minimized with the help of big data and by making cities smarter. Online Dashboards containing customizable reports have tools with interactive standard operating procedures for improving cities and leveraging emergency response systems.

In the case of better financial systems, governments are in great need of minimizing revenue frauds from improper payments. Further with the help of big data technology, frauds can be detected and investigated thus reducing revenue loss and eliminating any tax and customs scams.

4) Public Safety

Public safety can be ensured in various ways, and to improve it, organizations and agencies have been collecting public data. But they lack the ability to understand such huge data and get meaningful information out of it and so, the data collected is not maximized to its full potential. Technologically advanced analytical tools using Big Data can convert this data into useful, readable information. This information, in the form of actionable intelligence, can greatly help in crime rate reduction and better law enforcement.

5) Better Defence and Intelligence

For military operations, an effective alliance is mandatory for a successful mission. But, most of the missions face difficulty in sharing and interoperating information, command and control systems. Analysts struggle with extracting relevant information and security acts as a major concern in such operations. Business Intelligence and big data analytics have capabilities to analyze such information at a bigger scale with fast speed and with less possibility of security breach.

Also, using this technology, mission readiness is ensured making better coordination of people, training, and supplies for any threat. This is possible due to better analysis of data which reduces conjecture, predicts asset failure, monitors and optimizes provisions. Not only governments, but many private firms, big establishments, and banks are using big data to safeguard against Threats, Frauds, and Crimes.

Big data and Analytic expert tools will ensure superior manageable cities, better resource planning, detection, disruption and prevention of physical and cyber threats, thus a safer and securer planet.