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Google Glass - An Ultimate Creation

Google has launched its latest product named ‘Google Glass’ that opens a new path for the next generation to enter the world of technology. You might have heard of the wearable devices. Google Glass is a wearable computer which is in the form of sunglasses. It has a camera in it, that is helpful in capturing pictures and recording videos. It is easy for the users to use the product as a hands-free smartphone and allows the users to access the camera, maps, calendar, and other apps by giving the command by speaking.

It is not specifically for the youngsters but, anybody may it be a student, parent, traveler, businessperson, or a filmmaker, can enjoy the leverages of Google Glass.

Have a look at the following points that explain the various things that can be done with the help of Google Glass.

1. A first-person live video stream of important life events

As mentioned above, Google Glass has an inbuilt camera that is capable of clicking pictures and recording videos. This is a really awesome feature as you are easily able to capture big significant events or any other ceremony that you don’t want to miss.

2. Enhances your reality

The Google Glass has scientific and technical abilities, that help it to overlay anything. The Google Glass can prepare a simple blueprint and further execute it into the actual project which makes you see the improved reality. Google Glass is of great advantage to the workers, laborers or anybody who is getting some or the other sort of instructions from it.

3. Free snapshots of whatever you look at

There are many people who might have dreamt of clicking the picture of every single thing that they give a glance at. This is now possible with the help of Google Glass. You can take the picture of whatever you are looking at, just by blinking your eyes. You blink your eyes and the picture is clicked and saved to its hard drive.

4. Rear-view camera

Many people face problems while parking their vehicles. Therefore, the rear view camera on your automobile helps to avert the unwanted parking hitches. This is one of the most significant features of the product.

5. Sight-seeing

Enthusiast travelers will be benefitted by the Google Glass as it replaces the camera and cell phone. It becomes very difficult to carry mobile phone, camera, and other luggage. Capturing the beautiful scenes and views of nature while traveling has been made easy by google glass.

6. Skype, conference call literally anywhere

Google Glass holds the feature of the webcam. You just have to put them on and you are ready to conduct a Skype call or a conference call. Google Glass does not need to be present at that specific place. You can call from anywhere. This is the best option for anybody who can’t sit in front of the laptop or a cell phone for a video chat.

These are the basic applications of the Google Glass.

Here are a few other features that the Google Glass holds. Have a look!
  1. Google Glass is able to pop up with a reminder on the screen, giving you a prompt for an important meeting or an appointment.
  2. You are able to forecast the current weather with the help of Google Glass
  3. The users can get their short messages or texts typed by the Google Glass. The command is given by the user by dictating the matter.
  4. Don’t fear of losing the path as google glass will render you with an ideal map information.
These are a few points that Google Glass has made easier for the users. Adapt the new technology and avail its benefits.

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