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Tuneskit Video Cutter for Mac: Features, Review & More

Today personal computers are more powerful than we thought they’d ever be! Such processing power has made it very easy to create/edit videos and graphics at a professional level. Operating systems come bundled with software that provide video editing functions, but they are not efficient enough to provide more than ‘just basic’ abilities to fine tune a video. Today, people look forward to software that provide video editing features used by tech heads and professionals.

Tuneskit video editor is a Mac supported product that gives flexibility to beginners and professionals to play with their imagination while performing tasks related to video editing and create exceptional videos. Let us find more insights on the product.

User Interface & Features

Tuneskit is a user-friendly media cutter for Mac that can cut, join, trim, merge and convert any video file without any loss of video quality.

Tuneskit is a smart digital pair of scissors for video and audio that provides all the functionalities that are supposed to be in a video cutter. Multiple video files can be merged into a single video file, alternatively, a single video file can be split up into multiple ones. The video/audio fragments are trimmed down to the accuracy of milliseconds. The playback bar slide makes this functionality easier where one can slide to choose the frame needed and manually enter time up to milliseconds. Once the audio or video file is cut into small desired pieces, Tuneskit provides the flexibility to convert the split files into many of the most commonly available formats such as MP4, AVI, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, MKV, WMV, ASF, VRO, MP3, AAC, AC3, OGG, APE, etc.

Further, the video cutter provides a set of pre-set profiles for various portable devices, game consoles, smart TV and media players of popular manufacturers including Apple and Samsung. The cut and split video/audio files can then be directly saved into the format of targeted device.

Over the Top Features

In addition to the above-mentioned functionalities, TunesKit can also tweak the video by adjusting brightness, contrast and other video settings while also letting you add fun effects that come bundled with the software. Alongside with video files, Tuneskit is also an audio cutter for Mac providing capabilities that let one work with audio files.

The audio files or the media that we download from the internet have DRM enabled to prevent it from being accessed from any other device. Tuneskit also acts as a DRM removal tool that provides the ability to remove DRM from iTunes, giving you the flexibility to tie up the audio you purchased to any of your personal videos.


The light-weightiness of Tuneskit allows it to be very efficient and takes less time for processing. It allows cutting, and merging of videos 60 times faster than usual products and without loss of video quality. Also, the built-in media player lets you look at the processed file, examine its video quality and content.


Tuneskit makes video editing extremely simple to people who starve to look for perfection in their regular videos. Its simplicity in merging, splitting and cutting videos is made possible with the user-friendly UI. Further, the flexibility to save the desired output into any format makes it the must-haves for your Mac. Tuneskit Video Cutter for Mac costs just $29.95, but it also has a trial version so that you can have a taste of what you are buying before actually spending your money. You can download it from the official website, and this can be the software you have always been looking for!