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LoRaWAN Set To Revolutionize IoT & Smart City Space In India?

The Internet of Things is a revolutionary technology arena which establishes connectivity between a wide variety of Things. This connectivity range could span from within a home to a city to a nation, and across the globe! The Things could be door locks, phones, traffic lights, parking lots, cars or even satellites - IoT is connecting them all.

The use-cases that emerge with such a scale of connectivity would be unimaginable and massive in number. Most of these would require operations with less processing power, less memory and optimized battery life. These requirements limit the applicability of traditional networking technologies like cellular, WiFi etc. to IoT applications.

But, Internet of Things is a force for progress and prosperity; its challenges shouldn’t be a hindrance for this great force. With the same motto comes the cutting-edge communication technology - LoRaWANTM

What is LoRaWANTM?

LoRaWANTM is a Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology protocol that has been designed to connect “Things” wirelessly in regional, national or global networks. LoRaWAN offers multi-kilometer connectivity at astonishingly low-power consumption. This breaks the limitations imposed by traditional networking technologies and thereby opens up a whole new range of applications in today’s IoT world.

LoRaWANTM technology is realizing the true potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). It offers the following:
  1. Years of battery-life
  2. Long Range & Deep Indoor Coverage
  3. End-to-End Security & Encryption
  4. Open standard & Scalable
  5. Easy to install and flexible to adapt infrastructure
  6. Extremely economical
  7. Enables endless use-cases in IoT.

LoRaWANTM for India

LoRaWAN has the potential to transform the value chain of IoT in India. It enables applications that would progressively enhance operations in business verticals like industrial automation, logistics and supply chain management as well as create path-breaking solutions in fundamental verticals like agriculture, environmental monitoring, healthcare etc.

Across all these verticals, LoRaWAN provides the strong communication backbone that India needs for large scale IoT deployments now. LoRaWAN is definitely the future of Smart Cities in India!

Countries like Netherlands and Philippines have taken initiatives to establish nation-wide LoRaWAN network for the Internet of Things. It’s just about time we bring this path-breaking technology to India and unleash its potential to flourish several sectors across India.

Let’s together be the early ones to adopt the technology, thereby creating a collaborative IoT ecosystem and making India a leader in this advanced technology!