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What Do Users Really Want In Wireless Earbuds?

We live in a world that is rapidly going wireless. From wireless internet to wireless speakers, to wireless charging and now, to wireless earbuds. The list of things in which wires are starting to become near-obsolete keeps getting longer and longer.

Consumers are starting to prefer wireless to wired, and for good reason. Wired technology can get pretty messy, not to mention hard to maintain at times, especially for devices like earbuds, which are constantly being placed in and out of pockets, bags, purses, without proper containers.

This begs us the question: what do users really want in wireless earbuds?

Long Battery Life

One of the first things that users look for when searching for the best wireless earbuds is the battery life. Unlike wired earbuds that don’t need to be charged in order to be used, wireless earbuds can only last for as long as their battery lasts. The average battery life for many wireless earbuds is around 5 hours. Some can even go beyond 10 hours! If you’re a heavy user and you’re planning to use your wireless earbuds on flights or long drives, this is something that you should absolutely consider.

Wide Range of Connectivity

Wireless earbuds function via invisible signals, which means that although they’re not wired, they do have to be relatively near to your device for them to work properly. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to stay within arm’s reach of your phone or laptop whenever you’ve got your wireless earbuds in! The best wireless earbuds usually have more than 30 feet of range, but most are right around that mark. Did you know that a few higher class wireless headsets can actually go more than 300 feet? Yes, we really did mean 300. It’s most certainly not a typo.


What’s the use of switching from wired to wireless if they’re not portable anyway, right? As a user, you’ll certainly want something that’s small enough to be safely tucked inside your pocket, but big enough that you don’t automatically lose them in case you drop them by accident. Wireless earbuds with good portability include those that are easy to store and take out. Nowadays, they’re getting smaller and smaller, but their features are getting more and more jam-packed as well!

Good Audio Quality

One advantage that most wired headsets have over the wireless earbuds team is the minimal loss of quality that happens between the device and the headset. When you’re using a wired headset, like headphones or earbuds, to listen to music, the sounds pass directly from your phone, through the wires, and to your headset’s speakers, which leads to clearer, better audio quality. When you’re transmitting sounds via wireless, however, many things can potentially interfere with the signal, thus hampering the quality. Rest assured, the best wireless earbuds are sure to have the best quality too!

Extra Features

Some users may also want some extra features on their headsets, such as active noise-cancellation, isolation, extra battery life, or perhaps extra range of connectivity. These features are not necessary, of course, but if you’re willing to shell out a few bucks for these extras, you might want to add them into your list of considerations as well.

Unlike before when buying headsets used to be pretty straightforward, there are now a lot of options to choose for when you’re deciding on the best wireless earbuds for you. Take your time in considering all your options. Nobody wants to be stuck listening to a poor quality pair of earbuds that dies after just 2 hours of use, after all. Pick wisely!