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How Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Influence Marketing

Artificial intelligence had a great role to shape marketing in 2018. You might have witnessed many changes in different areas of marketing. You can expect more improvements in 2019. Following are the five places where artificial intelligence is going to dominate this year.

1. Holistic Media Buying

Businesses always find it hard to understand the behavior of their customers. Customers’ behavior keeps changing. They always look for good and quality contents to visit a website and to buy a product. Similarly, marketers follow different strategies to get enhanced user experience that will ultimately bring more profits to their business. The marketers will get some relief this year since the artificial intelligence can help them to make sense of complex data sets. Artificial intelligence AI can help them to understand consumers’ behavior by tracking all their moves across channels and platforms.

In 2019, companies will rely more on the AI driven analytics to make major changes in the media buying strategies. As said by the Mindshare Canada’s CEO Devon MacDonald, AI can help the businesses to make more holistic audience planning. Now the businesses can expect more growth by tracking the moves of their buyers.

2. Content Marketing

AI technologies have brought major changes in different areas of marketing. There has been a great buzz about AI’s creative accomplishments. However, some people are still skeptical about the role of AI in content marketing. Quality, creative, and error-free contents might not be delivered by the AI since it demands creative and sharpness of mind. Joe Lazauskas, the head of the content strategy at contently, also believes the same. He said that the content marketing industry is already having problems to deliver quality contents. He also added, robots are the last thing that should come to your mind to deliver creativity and quality work. However, many people disagree with his thought. They believe that AI powered technologies can be the best to work as a creative assistant.

In 2019, you might not expect a significant change in the creativity of AI. AI might not deliver creative profile and personal stories, industry commentary, and well-crafted animated explainers. But it can help the marketers to write powerful and relevant contents for the benefit of their business. The businesses will start investing in machine powered tools for error-free writing and to mine research data for exciting insights. This trend is going continue throughout the year.

3. Risk Abatement

Marketing strategies can work adversely if not done properly, especially with human-driven bad insights and distort data. If it will be managed by AI, there will be no human errors.

In addition to the behavior and data analysis, the AI will enable the brands to develop consumer appropriate campaigns. That will reduce the marketing risk. Though the possibility of human error will be less with AI, still, you should not expect the best outcome against all bad assumption. After all, machines will work like machines only. There will not be a human side.

4. Marketing Intelligence

The companies are not acting smart actually while designing their marketing strategy. They are relying on other company’s machine intelligence to get long term benefits. They are investing money on others to reach their buyers as well as to create their brand identity.

As said by tech analyst John Koetsier, all the social media platforms are smarter. Both Google and Facebook are getting are smarter. You are investing in them and your brand is still looking for ways to get the desired exposure.

AI will make it easier for brands to create their recognition and to have ownership of their marketing intelligence. 2019 will witness major improvements in this regard. AI will help brands to drive greater ROI and to boost brand marketing intelligence. We have already noticed some improvements in a few progressive brands. You can take the example of the Ubisoft. Now it is developing in-house mar-tech stacks to decrease the cost and to offer an enhanced user experience.

5. Art Work

Marketing always focuses more on art than science. This trend is going to continue in 2019 and beyond. However, you need to choose the right art for better exposure. Here machine learning can help in a great way since it gains a strong foothold.

Founder and CEO of an Al-powered chat marketing platform, Chatkit, said, AI will play an important role to dictate your gut-feeling decisions on campaigns, contents, tone, and timing of message, and even images.

AI will ensure more automation including the timing and delivery of messaging in 2019. The marketers will start to invest more in AI to understand the behavior of targets. However, it might not get perfection in the content writing. If you are looking help for content writing, you can consider taking the help of Rapid Essay. This essay writing service is able to deliver fast and high-quality essays. You can contact them anytime to meet your writing needs.