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SlideModel.com: Make Effective Presentations with 100% Editable Templates

In today’s time, the corporate world has become more dynamic than ever. From businesses of all sizes to start-ups, literally, everybody requires a great PowerPoint presentation to convey their goals. I’d be honest here, Microsoft’s PowerPoint can limit the creativity of a presentation maker. No matter how good you’re with design and colors, if you’re presented with the same set of themes, formatting options and fonts again & again, your audience might not like what you create. In this post, we will review SlideModel.com which is a leading provider of ready-to-use presentation templates.

SlideModel has a never-ending pool of business templates, diagrams, layouts, charts, backgrounds and other graphics support. What makes me really interested, is the fact that I can edit as well as customize these presentation templates as per my requirement.

Fully compatible with the likes of Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote as well as OpenOffice, SlideModel templates are easy to deploy and utilize. I’ve observed that you can get pretty high-quality templates on this portal which are beautiful as well as creative. In short, not only I saved my time while planning my presentation, through SlideModel, my presentation was visually appealing too. Since these ready to use templates are 100% editable, you are just required to place content in the text placeholders and you’re done! Further, it’s very easy to edit theme as well as color palettes for a more personalized touch. I’d specifically like to mention that illustrations amidst these templates are created via built-in shapes as vectors. So, do you have tight deadlines to cater? You can trust this portal with your requirement. Why I chose SlideModel?

1. Great collection of PowerPoint Templates

I can say that staying clean and precise in your presentation is crucial, SlideModel offers a non-exhaustive array of presentation templates which are devised in several categories. A user can easily find a professionally-designed PowerPoint template which can suit the purpose. There are business-themed templates, timelines & planning templates, maps, data & charts templates and much more. Some of the templates that I liked pretty much are brain concept diagram template, 5-step circular diagram template, editable doughnut charts, spiral arrow template and more.

2. Really easy to edit and adapt to existing presentations

When I downloaded the templates, for the purpose of checking the quality and effectiveness, I started customizing and playing around with them. Well, the slides are very intuitive to edit and you can easily customize/edit them as per your need while never compromising the quality. A presentation enthusiast can easily make use of specifically tailored presentation templates to suit their variety of purposes. One can change color, size, backgrounds, fonts and whatnot without any hassle. The best thing? You’re not required to be an expert in design skills, even a naive user can do wonders with SlideModel PowerPoint templates.

A variety of animated presentation templates can also be downloaded and used in your presentations, like the vertical timeline design in the picture above. By editing the text placeholders, the presenter can customize the slides and prepare a catchy & animated presentation in minutes.

3. Superb Support Team always ready to help

If you are not able to find the template you really want or you want some last minute modification in a template, SlideModel offers a dedicated and around the clock customer support services, this is offered as a Custom Design Work. The support team is friendly and are always up to help the customers. You can easily raise a support ticket and can further request the change you want to see in the template. The team of professionals at this portal is competent enough to cater every challenge.

4. Always innovating with presentation enhancement

State of the art designers at SlideModel.com are continuously optimizing the current templates and are adding a plethora of templates for their users. It surely fascinated me that there are over 20,000+ templates available on SlideModel and the portal is still growing at an unprecedented rate.

Presentation template designers have added out of the box features such as three-dimensional models (3D), zoom features for slides as well as Morph transition effects, that are available in newest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can always refer to the bottom of their official page and can see the new presentation templates section. I can say it’s easy to navigate and download the fresh templates.

Furthermore, presentation templates are fully compatible with other presentation tools in the market, such as Google Slides, Keynote or even OpenOffice.

5. Business-ready templates

When it comes to business-specific templates, I came across a company deck PowerPoint template. I was amazed to see the features that were included in the template. You can easily set the vision statement of your enterprise, you can easily put-in the performance metrics in the templates as well.

The templates you download from SlideModel are flexible enough so you can choose a different color palette or adapt it to the company branding. Updating the presentation templates was a piece of a cake, thus businesses of all sizes can make use of this valuable resource to aid their professional goals.

In the end, I’d like to say that SlideModel.com is continuously gaining traction in the market. The portal helps presentation enthusiast to connect dots and make presentations with added ease. With their amazing presentation deck, presentation making has emerged as a win-win for all.