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3 Ways to Customise Your Home Office

If you are someone who has recently made the transition from a desk job to a home office then you are probably going through a honeymoon phase where you feel like everything is great and you love the comfort and freedom that your home setup brings into your work life.

However, if you happen to talk to someone who has had a bit more experience working from home, then they would readily tell you that a home office is not always a bed of roses. In fact many after having switched from a bustling and chattering office space first grow to love and then hate the quietness of their home as they miss human interactions in their day to day lives.

This can lead to decreased productivity and a general fall in morale which means instead of being comfortable in your home office you begin to wish that your home office could become a bit more lively and energetic. Well that is exactly what we are going to do today- with three simple steps we are gonna show you how you can spruce up your home office into a place that you’d love to work from!

1. Change the Decor!

The first step to making your home office a more energetic and positive place for you to work in is to change the decor around the room and make it into something that puts you into a good mindset. Putting in a potted plant that adds a bit of greenery, adding a few photos here and there and also just adding things that make you happy can change the whole complexion of the room. If you do not have physical copies of your photos, then you may consider any of the photo printing services that are available quite easily nowadays. In fact you can even send your images from your smartphone and then get it printed and framed and sent back to you in a matter of days, Once you have that, set them around the room you have designated to be your home office and make sure that you keep a happy memory always in sight! So, whenever you feel demotivated or stressed out, you can gaze on one of these photos or look at a bit of greenery and get rejuvenated right back again!

2. Buy Comfortable Seating Arrangements

You are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office sitting on the same chair and doing your work for hours on end. This is why it makes sense to spend some money and purchase a comfortable chair that provides good lumbar support and makes it easy for your back. Also, no matter how comfortable your chair is, it is always advisable to take little breaks and just walk around your home in between stretches of working. This keeps the blood flow in your body running and also helps take your mind off your work related problems for a little while!

3. Organise Your Desk

A cluttered desk can often slow you down in your daily workflow and eat away at your productivity as you spend time searching for things instead of actually getting your work done. This can often lead to frustration and is often the first step to indulging in procrastination as you dread starting any new bits of work. So take some time out and clean up your desk and make sure that you divide your workflow into an actionable checklist.

This means that every time you get a bit of your daily work done, you can check an item off your list and get a feeling of accomplishment which is often just the spur you need to start working harder and putting more effort into your work! At the end of the day home offices are meant to be as much home as an office and hopefully these three tips will help you balance both and create a work environment that actually motivates you to do better!