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IBM Developer Day 2019: A Day For Us !

Technology is making the world a better place and we have so many brains working round the clock to resolve simple as well as complex problems. The technology revolution began with Edison’s light bulb and soared with the era of the internet. We have come far and now we have the opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of technologies like IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics.

Though there are many ways for developers to discuss these technologies and collaborate from across geographical locations, however, nothing can be comparable as meeting on a single platform. Right?

Every year IBM provides a platform to developers across the globe to come together and explore new technologies, which is called the IBM Developer Day. This year, the platform is opening on 14th March in Bengaluru, IN when developers can meet the industry leaders, experts, and brightest minds in the tech domain to discuss the advancing technologies.

We will be a part of this event to explore our technology horizons, and you should also plan to be part of the same. We have highlighted the points below which makes this event a must attend. Let us know which point makes you tick!

1) Code Café

This charts the top to our list for reasons to attend the IBM Developer day. You will get a chance for a hands-on coding experience and ask IBM all your technical questions on IBM technologies or any open source platform on which you are currently working on. Further, you will get a chance to learn how to build and train your machine learning models or automating text summarization via natural language processing using IBM Watson Studio.

You can also try out IBM Blockchain platform, Hyperledger Fabric with Java Node/SDK, deploy the cloud-native application using K8 on IBM cloud and learn IBM cloud functions and its usage in image recognition web app.

2) Hands-on Workshops

You can code your own apps at over thirty 15-minutes code lab. The code lab will provide you different code samples that you can try on your own and work on improving them. Also, access to various code demos that aims at helping you in proper coding. This lets you explore things, provide code snippets etc and help you achieve smart solutions.

There will also be workshops are primarily focused on Blockchain, AI and Cloud topics and will be provided by key speakers Raghvendra Deshpande & Shikha Maheshwari, Krishna Chaitanya Balaga and Mangesh Patanker respectively.

3) Key Notes and Tech Talks

This will give you a platform to engage with and learn from industry leaders. There are 20+ sessions on topics like Smart applications, Robotics Augmented by Artificial Intelligence, Industry adoption and privacy of blockchain and many more each in the domain of Cloud, Blockchain, AI and Data.

Also, post session, you can get a chance to ask your questions to the key speakers and leaders. Cool, right?

4) IBM Certifications

You can upgrade your portfolio and enhance your resume by adding IBM certifications to it. On the IBM Developer Day, you can seek the professional development, benefit from expert guidance, get the best coding techniques, developer feedback and create a strategy as you participate in certification exams and hands-on labs. This will help you ace the test and ensuring a certificate in Cloud, AI, security and more. 

5) Game Night

No seminar can be complete without a social event, and IBM has a fun-filled one. The evening will be there to enjoy fun, food, and music, socialize with people, share your experiences, learn from people in same or different industries, solve problems, explore each other’s skills and get a different perspective of finding solutions.

This one day that IBM provides to developers is dedicated to enhance our skills, gain hands-on experience with the latest technologies and get in touch with the experts.

You can register for the event on IBM website @ https://www.ibm.com/events/in-en/think/IBMDeveloperDay/

We have already registered for the event and hope to meet you there! Happy Coding!