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‘Leadership’- The Actions Beyond Designations – A Dell Perspective

American author John C. Maxwell accurately defined a leader as someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Leaders are the ones who bring change and shape the future. They are the ones who guide us and make crucial decisions that accelerate different organizations and the world as a whole.

To narrate an average day of a leader, we need to incorporate lengthy to-do lists, resolving instant report crisis, guiding the team members, impromptu team meets and many more. Reputed leaders understand the core fact that they are accountable for the process and for the people working under them. They are decisive and can bring forth instant solutions for their team to follow.

Goals can never be achieved overnight. The successful leaders prioritize in adapting to the circumstances. One of the most common traits of successful leaders around the globe is their effective communication skills. Apart from making inspiring statements, they are also good listeners. Leaders with active listening, foster a culture of productive teamwork. From overcoming hurdles to reckoning effective solutions, from encouraging the team to making way for inventive measures for the organization, a leader holds the ability to persist. They keep their team informed and updated with everything new in the industry. Every industry update or news may not be pleasant; however, a good leader would know how to communicate the message across, without disheartening the team. They place their trust on the team. This further aids in gaining the trust back from their team members. In a corporate world, trust is a two-way process. The leaders who empower the members by letting them own their projects and take responsibly of the result, also act as a catalyst in building a strong team. Thus, leaders with honesty and openness make way for brilliant workforce.

Typically, only the results and the actions of the leaders are brought under the limelight, without realizing the drudgery that goes beneath. On a recent video by Dell, the uphill works of the leaders have been focused. The video emphasizes that people only view the luxurious lives of the leaders, overlooking the long hours that they put to reach the position. The articulated narrative in the video admires the efforts of the c-suit leaders who ensure to make a positive impact through their endeavor.

One of the common traits between Dell Latitude 7000 Series and CEOs and CXOs is the power of performance. Be it working on-the-go, long hours of performance, analyzing huge spreadsheets and reports, the ace functionality of the laptops are designed to be at par with the leaders’ tough grind. The video concludes with a wonderful display of how Dell has been supporting businesses leaders across the world by introducing integrated solutions and avant-garde technology.

Watch the #AtParWithYou video below.