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CloudMounter – Free Space By Mounting Cloud Storage

Since the advent of computers, people have been moving from one type of storage device to another. It all started with the floppy disk, and fast forward to today, you don't even need a physical device to store your data as you can go for cloud storage where your data would be omnipresent. Statistics say that there are 1.8 billion people worldwide using personal cloud storage which directly relates to a huge market, that is present to tackle the issues related to cloud storage.

CloudMounter is one such tool which has been diligently designed to take care of the issues like low disk space in a laptop, providing remote access to cloud files, provide support to access popular cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, AmazonS3, etc.

Let's explore a few characteristics of CloudMounter.


Cloud Data Encryption

Your cloud data is safe with CloudMounter, as, the files that are stored online via CloudMounter uses advanced encryption for better security. This reduces cloud risks to a minimum.

Regular Updates

The product is updated constantly so that there is no room for bugs and new features are added regularly. On the other hand, there is a team of tech specialists who are ready to assist with any issues.

Integration with Mac App “Finder”

An integration with Finder app bridges the entire gap between online storage and computer system. This integration of Finder with cloud, remote server and computer allows accessing and searching the data in a way as if it is actually stored in the system.

Why CloudMounter?


CloudMounter provides easy and strong encryption to popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3. Further, data and files on FTP/WebDAV server and OpenStack Swift object storage can be encrypted.

Along with encryption, CloudMounter uses standard API of cloud services. This makes it very safe to use as it neither stores nor transmits any personal information to third parties. Moreover, for better data safety, a temporary copy of the file is made until the operation is completed successfully and this is deleted later. For Mac OS, all the server settings are kept safe in Mac OS keychain. The CloudMounter app provides two options to handle files, through FUSE and via OS X’s native file system.


CloudMounter scores extremely high in usability because of its utility to mount cloud storage and web servers as any other local disc. The cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, WebDAV, (S)FTP and OpenStack swift servers can act as if they are hosted in local machine.

Platform Support

You can access this application via desktop platforms of popular OS like Windows, Android, and Linux.

If you have a low capacity SSD drive, CloudMounter is a must-have tool for you. Also, in this fast-paced era, where even the money have gone digital, no one is interested to keep physical copies of anything. CloudMounter has a team that works round-the-clock to update the user on a new version. So, why should we think twice before leveraging the power of really secure and powerful encryption with the ease of accessing cloud storage like native local storage by using CloudMounter?

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