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Understanding the Statistics Behind Casino Games

Often, gamblers can rush to play their favourite slot games or table games with little thought of the statistics involved in these games. Next time you log in to your online account or get in the car and head to any trendy London casino, give some more thought to the numbers behind the reels. When thinking of stats, one usually tends to associate it with business, however, statistics can also benefit both the casino and the players. Discover more by reading below.

The House Edge

To understand the statistical advantages that a casino has, you must understand what a casino is. Ultimately, it is an adventure playground for adults. They make their money by selling food, drinks, hotel rooms and of course through their fun games. To ensure that the casino always comes out on top over time, their games have a statistical advantage in their favour. This is known as the house edge. It makes sure that even if players win big, the accumulation of play from all their visitors over a long period will make sure that the casino earns money – to pay staff, rent and everything else that a regular business must pay for.

The house edge will change depending on the game and can be as slim as less than 1%, meaning that over 99% of the money put into the game will be distributed to all the players of that game.

Games with the Best Statistical Chances of Winning

Gamblers are always wrestling with statistics when trying to win a hand or place their chips on certain sections at the roulette table; and it really helps when getting to know the roulette game. However, many gamblers start thinking of the statistics once they have taken a seat at the table or at the slot machine, rather than thinking statistics to help them choose which game to play.

Some gamblers may have a preference and find some games more enjoyable and for that reason do not consider the house edge important. However, it is still worthwhile to note which games offer the best statistical advantages to players. One of the biggest considerations is skill games versus luck games.

Skill games include the likes of blackjack, poker and roulette because the ability of the person plays a role on the statistics of winning at the casino. On the other hand, luck games such as bingo and slot machines do not require the same level of human direction, meaning the statistics of winning will always remain slightly in favour of the house. After all, have you ever heard of a professional slot player?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that casinos do have the advantage and that is only fair. Gamblers should remember that a casino is a business and it would be a disastrous business plan if punters were given the statistical advantage. They provide gamblers with exciting and fun gaming experiences and it is right that they should profit from this to some degree. Just because the house has the edge does not mean you cannot be a successful gambler, just ask the pros and many amateur gamblers.