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KENT CamEye: Next-Gen Dash-Cam with GPS Tracking and More

Safety is of utmost importance and has always been the area of focus. All firms in various domains, be it manufacturing or technology, have been working together to come up with new products, standards, and methods to ensure the safety of consumers. Of late, there have been a great buzz and media coverage about KENT CamEye which is a simple yet effective gadget that ensures the safety of your loved ones during a commute.

Whenever our family is driven by a new driver, we call them up a thousand times, or when our teenage kids or siblings take out the car to test their driving skills, we get quite anxious about their safety. Well, KENT CamEye is one of the first security devices that can record everything inside and out of the car using the dual camera setup, which also supports live video stream from around the globe.

The device has more to it than just acting as a real-time camera, as all the video recordings are saved on the cloud server and are accessible from your phone for surveillance at a later stage. Further, with real-time GPS, it acts as a tracker to fetch the real-time location of your car and also playback the route traveled.

KENT has thoroughly done the market research and brought this product to the market considering the needs of Indian consumers, as the device provides two-way communication wherein you can also speak to the people inside the car. Further, the device comes with an app which provides functions to access the dash camera and acts like a car connect app by providing features like locations, alerts, trip details, etc. Also, the artificial intelligence of CamEye is smart enough to detect unusual activities and the facial recognition properties can detect a sleeping driver or unfamiliar obstruction in the camera’s view. If you don’t want to record any trip the stealth mode can be switched on to stop surveillance.

Coming to the specifications, CamEye has a 3000mAh internal battery and an 8GB in-built memory, which allows it to run without an external power source as well as store data in local memory. The device also has its own sensors including, GPS, temperature, accelerometer, and light. For instance, if an external force is applied to your parked car, the motion sensors will activate the camera and record the video of the event as well. Cool, right?

Let's quickly revisit the features of KENT CamEye.

Features in a Nutshell

  1. GPS Tracking
  2. Route Playback
  3. 2-way calling with car occupants
  4. Records time-lapse video and audio inside and outside the car
  5. Plug and play installation
  6. Smart alerts
  7. Automatic stealth mode based on face recognition
  8. AI-Based smart alerts
  9. 24 hours battery backup
  10. Offline connectivity
  11. 4G enabled data transfer to secure cloud storage
So, if you are concerned about your kid who recently took driving lessons or about your new driver and his behavior once he drops your wife to the mall, this device is the best solution for being with family while physically away from them. KENT CamEye is launched at a very affordable price of just INR 17,999 including 3-month free subscription which makes it the new face of vehicle safety.