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Audials One - Music, Movies, Series, Internet TV & More

Audials One is a recording service which downloads high-quality music from your favorite streaming app, online sources, radio stations, etc. and saves it to your library. Using Audials is always nostalgic as it reminds us of the 90s when we used to make mixtapes of our most loved tracks and shared it with our friends. But, Audials is much more than just selecting songs and downloading them, so let's start with the basics and see how to record music using Audials One 2019.


The first step for recording a song is by adding it to your wishlist so that Audials One understands your requirement. Searching for a song or an artist has become easier with the latest version roll out of Audials. Adding to previous options of searching for an artist or song via Google, Wikipedia, YouTube or internet radio stations, you can also search with your Spotify subscription. Once the wishlist is created, click on the green ‘Activate List’ button and a number of recording options will be presented at your disposal. You can choose to look for audio files, videos or karaoke versions. Awesome, right?

Edit and Convert

Like we’ve mentioned before, Audials One 2019 is much more than just an alternative to creating a mixtape, with this application you can also edit the recorded songs. Once the recorded songs appear in your panel, you can play them, review duplicates and make sure the best quality recording is selected. Post the desired sound quality is achieved you can make your own tweaks including trimming of the tracks, normalizing volume, convert to ringtone, adding any metadata manually including album art and lyrics, etc. After the required tweaks are done, the recording can be exported to a song folder of Windows Media player, iTunes or VLC.

This is the 2019 version of Audials One and it surely has a couple of newer add-ons with must-have features, let's have a quick look and decide what all are we looking forward to.

What's New?


The recording is optimized, the tracks are cut precisely even at 10 times the speed and any loss in quality is avoided when recording at high bit rates. Spotify is added as a new music source, which automatically translates to better quality music and a larger selection of songs. Also, new editing features like wishlist are fun to use while new search option from Spotify is convenient and fast which delivers high-quality music and gives a wide array of songs to look for. For a high-quality output from YouTube, this service is rebuilt, i.e., now apart from providing different quality of sounds in videos, Audials One will use the best possible audio track and download directly from YouTube.


We used the video recording feature of Audials One and compared it with similar applications in industry. We can concur the statement that Audials One is the best tool in the industry which provides high-quality video stream recording. Audials One uses an innovative technique which merges the recorded frames into a film by encoding it from the backend. This provides improved image quality, and performance. The latest version is having pre-configured video stream recording, which can be selected by simply clicking on the right tile. All this, when coupled together, delivers high-quality recording directly from the graphics card.

Internet TV

This is our most loved feature as it allows to take the TV channels along with us on a vacation, as, with Audials One you can record live TV. The upgraded streaming player of Audials has the capability of streaming high-quality internet television, thus making you not miss any of your favorite series, no matter where you are geographically located.


Audials One’s features are not limited to only the ones we have discussed above, as you can enjoy as many as 333 live streams. Further, it can also download radio songs, podcasts, movies, series, videos with non-stop recording in a high-quality format, helping you create your perfect video and audio libraries with correct metadata and great picture/sound quality.