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Best 5 Privacy Tools to Add to Your Daily Arsenal

We live in a surveillance-heavy world where every action we commit online is turning to a source of money. Every time you use messengers, common browsers, mailbox, or paying via an online bank, interception takes place. Can you imagine that some apps can legally record your voice calls because they have access to the microphone? The data gathered massively is analyzed and passes to governments, fraudsters, and corporations. They are willingly buying it cause data is getting more precious than fuel. That is how you contribute to target ads and annoying marketing campaigns. On the worth occasions, the data leakage results in physical attacks and identity theft.

What can you do to avoid web harassment? Encrypted privacy tools like emails, messengers, wallets, and ad blockers appear to guarantee web security for conscious individuals. Follow suit and chose apps from the list below!

Privacy tools 2019 for different purposes

#1 ProtonMail

Encrypted email is a must if privacy matters for you; no doubt, you should quit Gmail and similar services that track data. Proton is a time-tested service that is based on end-to-end encryption. The mailbox has the interface for the desktop and mobile, making it handy.

Proton assures its users it doesn't amass sensitive data like the user's IP, device characteristics, and the content of the messages. Moreover, the service is confidential, and you won't indicate your name, phone, or additional emails.

Users consider that Proton's interface is the only weakness; you need time to get used to it. Install and check on your own!

#2 uBlock Origin

Ad blockers appeared as soon as Google ads and analytics have become intrusive and annoying. Developers suggest to block commercials and stay away from adding to Google's data masses. What do you get when using software like uBlock Origin?

The strong upper hand is that the service customizes the parts of a website you can block. Thus, you can leave some elements and get rid of unwanted components. uBlock Origin granular mechanisms are reliable to the extent they protect against Google analytics trackers.

Install to outlaw ads!

#3 RoboForm

No Internet privacy is possible without a robust password. Users run multiple services and need a unique symbol set for each. That's rather daunting. If you forget your passwords and don't want to keep them on a sticker paper, download RoboForm – a sound password manager.

The software will create sophisticated keys a person can't memorize – up to 500 characters. RoboForm maintains AES 256 bit codes and two-factor authentication. For a single device use, the service doesn't charge money and doesn't limit the number of passwords. Moreover, you can store card details, email addresses, phone numbers, and other data.

RoboForm doesn't require an Internet connection and can be integrated into other popular programs.

#4 DuckDuckGo

We hope you are not innocent and understand that Google records every search. This algorithm doesn't contribute to your security at all. DuckDuckGo is a ready-made alternate search engine for those who aim to hide their search history and get unrelated results.

Does DuckDuckGo suggest relevant search results? Yes, it performs the pages based on Google, but the question you typewrote won't be tracked. Also, the service powered with handy extensions – discover all the functions now!

#5 VeraCrypt

Your computer is a tremendous data storage – sensitive files, photos, messages, passwords, etc. Especially if you earned some crypto coins, your device required exceptional security. The way out is to encrypt the data so that intruders can't reach it.

VeraCrypt suggests encryption for different types of files; the key will protect the precious data. Also, the app is open-source, so experts monitor its worthiness and regularly add to it.

To sum up, the services from the list form a brilliant addition to your privacy kit. Most of them you can use for free – download and stay safe!