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Dell Technologies Lets the Next-Gen MICE Out!

If time machines were real and you were sent back 20 years, do you think you would be able to exhibit the same level of productivity as you do today? Definitely not! The first thing that you would probably do is get back inside that time machine and fast forward to this present date.

Well, that is how technology impacts our lives! Now let’s funnel down to two basic technologies that we use almost every day – Yes, a keyboard and a mouse!

Amidst the flurry of technical evolution over decades, it is quite interesting to see that Input Peripherals, such as keyboard and mouse, have also come a long way. It’s true that we usually buy a PC that comes with a mouse and keyboard, which however are usually very basic. Though these basic peripherals get the work done, yet with a better option you can experience an added ease. In fact, many of us today have shifted from wired to wireless form factors, as they allow us a disentangled experience, are ergonomically designed to fit any user and are portable. They let you work freely for long hours.

Nevertheless, though we do not pay much attention to our keyboards and mice; they are our constant companions when we are working or just browsing the internet leisurely. Therefore, these input peripherals must be in-sync with the way we work, play or browse!

Dell Technologies’ Next-Gen Wireless Mice

Something that really caught my attention recently was the new generation of wireless mice launched by Dell Technologies. These productivity essentials come with unparalleled reliability and with convenient features that keep you productive longer and are #BuiltToLast owing to their extended battery life.

Know more about the key features of the mice family:
  1. Dell Multi Device Wireless Mouse (MS5320W)
  2. Dell Mobile Pro Wireless Mouse (MS5120W)
  3. Dell Mobile Wireless Mouse (MS3320W)
With this new range of wireless mice, you can expect much more than just improved functionality. These devices are designed to deliver unparalleled reliability and convenient features, such as –
  1. Dual mode connectivity – The 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity will let you connect it seamlessly to another laptop, desktop or 2-in-1 by simply switching modes via the toggle button on the mouse
  2. 36 months battery life – The extended battery life enables one to work for longer hours, enhancing productivity
  3. 3 years advanced exchange service – You get absolute peace of mind because every device comes with an extended exchange service where the replacement is shipped the next business day.
  4. Dell Peripheral Manager software – It lets you program shortcuts, pair devices, check battery and connectivity status, and get the latest firmware updates.
Microsoft swift pair feature lets you instantly pair the mice with Windows 10 system without having to configure it every time. They can also be used across different devices with different operating systems [Win/ Mac/ Linux/ Chrome/ Android OS]. And not to forget --- you can experience a clutter-free workspace, while working comfortably for long hours in any setup. Not too much to ask for, right?

Right now, I am looking forward for the next release by the tech behemoth – the wireless keyboard and mouse combo!

Let’s wait for what the combo unleashes.

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