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Jumpi - 3 in 1 Car Jumpstarter, Vacuum & Powerbank

People are in a lockdown situation with COVID-19 pandemic making the roads empty and cars sitting in the parking lot. There is a good chance that if unused for more time, the car’s battery will die out soon and the fastest way to its reincarnation will be a “quick” jumpstart. But that jumpstart is not usually quick enough, it ends up asking for assistance from another car. But, what if you do not get that adequate external help? And even if you get that required assistance, it is highly likely that the powered generated will not be sufficient enough.

We found a solution to this problem when we jumped upon Jumpi, a 3 in 1 car jump starter. This multipurpose car accessory not only serves as a jump-starter but also as a vacuum and power bank. This clearly places Jumpi in the list of must-have accessories as the cordless vacuum helps to keep the car clean, while the power bank and jumper cable will enable you to jumpstart the car in case of a battery failure.

Let's have a detailed look into this car accessory!

Overall Design

As we have mentioned earlier, it’s a compact and lightweight device, weighing 1 pound and 11.75 ounces making it easy to carry and the total weight is just double an iPhone.

The outside case is made of black plastic with a matte finish and hence it's easy to clean. Outflow vents are at the bottom of the unit directing air away from your hands and body while battery pack can be found at the back. The vacuum tip is present at the front unit that is semi-transparent so that it can be seen from outside if it's full.

The battery pack is removable and hence doubles as a power bank with the help of USB C-type and A-type ports. A power button at the back of the battery pack is used to activate jumper cables.

Vacuum Function

The vacuum is not as powerful enough as a regular household vacuum cleaner but is automotive and powerful enough for a car with a total power of 10kPa. This much energy vacuum can pick up 99.9% of mold spores, bacteria, and pollen. It also comes with an anti-bacterial coating which is an added feature which lacks in another available car vacuum.

Power Bank Function

After removing the battery from the battery pack it starts acting like a power bank having a total capacity of 6000mAh. This is sufficient enough to charge an iPhone X or Samsung S8 twice and hence is a decent backup when you are in dire need of phone battery.

You do not have to comprehend the safety of a battery being converted to USB as Jumpi has made the power bank extremely safe with short-circuit, overcurrent and over-charge protection. These guards prevent Jumpi as well as the phone from any potential damages.

Jump Starter Function

Now, talking about primary function, the jump starter’s peak output is 700 amps. All you need to do is simply connect the Jumpi to your car’s battery, wait for a few minutes and your car will be ready for a start. The jumper cables are very effectively designed and clamps are coated to prevent accidental sparking and wide enough to get comfortable grips.

Final Verdict

Jumpi is extremely portable and does not consume much space in the car, so, now in a case of emergency situations, you don’t have to look around seeking help, rather take out you Jumpi and start your car in minutes.