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Importance of Social Media in Digital Marketplace

Social Media is a driving force in today’s technologically competitive business world. The knowledge to bind social media’s supremacy is a gift that is granted to few businesses and business leaders. Basic reasons for not having a digital footprint could be many, including, lack of understating the need of getting a website, being hesitant, or cost constraints.

A web presence is a necessity because it helps businesses grow, starting from customer feedback to analyzing the latest marketing campaign. A social presence can impact thousands of consumers in weeks’ time or even hours. The main ingredient of social media potion is “management”; you manage it wrong and it can go from bad to worse. A simple example could be flooding consumers’ mailboxes with constant updates and they unsubscribe your newsletter. Free advertising provided by social media has to be implemented skillfully.

The basic advantage of an efficient social media presence is to lure customers by a visually appealing and well-organized representation of your brand. In time, these measures will turn disengaged customers to potential buyers to loyal customers.

Your social media strategy must be planned in a way that reflects a professional business rather than an individual. Business pages must be created and not personal pages, to represent your brand. Also, they must be designed in an organized way which reflects the clarity of the product to your potential customers. A poorly designed page might lay an erroneous impression of product on prospective audiences.

Social Media websites, Facebook, for instance are embracing businesses and giving them a platform to utilize its full throttle. It is advisable to exploit this opportunity and work on improving customer relationships. When coupled with additional marketing techniques like online SMS with TouchSMS, this gives the best results.

Facebook provides access to its immense data on business pages and not to personal accounts. This greatly helps in understanding customer behavior and demographics which is in turn acts as a key measure to recognize customers’ likes and dislikes. Countless apps and tabs are available which helps in better explaining your business; what you do, who you are, and what you offer. Your business can be explained with the help of floating newsletters, running contests, featuring products, and much more.

Another major drawback of making a personal account is it limits the number of friends to 5000. This unswervingly limits your consumers' reach even if you are a small business targeting a single location. A business page allows growth in fan base with no boundary and customers have access to scheduled and promoted posts. Also, the ability to schedule posts allows better planning and time management. Social media marketing is undoubtedly a compulsion to mark your presence.


Social Media is thus an informal and easy method to identify, target, and expand your audience. A Social Media footprint lets you gain a deeper insight into customers and be ahead of your competitors. Also there are innumerable tools available to assist you in monitoring trends, finding growth opportunities, and advocating your business.