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FPPT: Create Quick Presentations with free PowerPoint templates and hassle-free

Was your last business presentation dull, predictable, or boring? Well, our utmost fear of presenting to a larger audience is showing a lethargic PowerPoint presentation and end up getting a response that we haven’t planned for. Most people always strive to build a presentable designed PPT but fail to do so because of either lack of time or experience in creating presentations.

Whenever we want help in designing a PPT, we go to the internet and look all over to download a pre-built skeleton where we can plug-in our content, but it is always difficult to find one template that suits our needs. So, one day we stumbled upon FPPT, a website which is a Pandora’s box that provides free PowerPoint templates and slide designs, and background for various use cases such as technology, business, marketing, lifestyle, etc.

FPPT houses over 12,000+ unique and crafted high-quality free PowerPoint templates and the collection is growing continuously, every week, with templates and PowerPoint slides that not only focuses for professional use but also personal and educational use.

Thousands of PowerPoint Backgrounds and Slides

There are thousands of templates across domains and not only generic but also specialized topics such as under category lifestyle (you can find specific presentations on weight loss, relaxations, cosmetics). The business category is perhaps one of the most popular subsections in the site, as it contains specific topics of finance, partnership agreement, strategic decisions, etc. that allows you to make presentations on a diverse number of business topics, including presentations for startup plans or for entrepreneurship. You can easily select the topic of your focus and with layout provided you can just plug-in your content, and you are good to go.

Source: Free Business Presentation template by FPPT

From a compatibility standpoint, FPPT templates are fully compatible with the popular presentation tools including Keynote, OpenOffice, and also Google Slides. Thanks to the portability offered by these tools and the way templates are prepared, you can easily use any presentation software of your choice without affecting the image quality. So you just need to import the presentation in the preferred tool and you will be ready to present the audience without any data loss of image.

There are plenty of similar sites out there, but definitely FPPT is one of the most complete websites providing free presentation templates and without needing to register an account to download. The .pptx files are freely available and let you use the presentations in a variety of platforms, also you can use the PowerPoint templates to make your own videos for Youtube or to present a complex topic to an audience.

Ease of Customization

The PowerPoint slides that you download from FPPT can be customized according to your needs. You can edit the presentation content in PowerPoint and add your own content and text. Moreover, you can adapt the current images and change its colors easily.

Source: Free Quote Slides for PowerPoint by FPPT

You can easily manipulate the template so that you get an idea from the existing template and mold it according to the story you want to tell. Also, there is the flexibility to insert your own logos, pictures, slogans, colors, videos, and can also update the pre-built charts, graphs, and visuals as per your data. For example, the slide above shows an editable Quote slide design that you can use to present famous quotes or facts to an audience. The text is easily customizable as well as colors, you can easily change the background colors or the PowerPoint theme to match your own visual identity colors.

Thus, the ease of customization provides you the flexibility to break from chains of looking generic and impersonal, you can turn the entire template to give an essence of your brand which reflects personal identity and elegance.

To find templates like these, you can browse the entire catalog of presentation designs and browse the PowerPoint themes available in the website. Browse themes by categories, tags or search within the site to find the most relevant results and backgrounds based on your keywords.

So each slide will help you drive your story and serve as a guide to help you stay focused and have the correct storyboarding also making sure the information provided is logical, organized, and having a flow.


So now with FPPT, creating stunning presentations is no more a dream, by using templates of FPPT you can create high quality, professionally designed PowerPoint presentations. These presentations will always draw in the crowd, leaving them impressed and convinced to understand your product and buy ideas, products, or services.