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Shaping Your Career During the Pandemic

In the past months, we've experienced dramatic changes to life as we know it. The coronavirus pandemic has brought up many challenges in both our personal and professional lives. Although these challenges have been difficult, these have also taught us the importance of being prepared to adapt to such situations.

During such times, we have to make a choice: Do we retreat, or do we push forward and see this as an opportunity for growth?

If you want to excel in your job or if you are looking for a new job, below are 7 basic steps can help shape up your professional career and leverage it as an opportunity for growth.

Build your personal brand – virtually!

There are a host of networking sites for professionals to connect, and, now is the time to update your profile, optimize it, and reconnect with your professional network.

Especially in the current situation, you have to be meticulous about your professional profile and update your skillsets and certifications. This helps polish your brand on networking platforms and even if you are not looking for a job change, opportunities will still flow in.

Find a career advice community

One advantage of working remotely is cutting back on the commute time to office. This gives us plenty of time at hand to do some additional research. You can browse the internet for a good career advice community.

These communities cover various professional guidance topics such as tips and tricks on resume writing, upskilling, career change, available opportunities, workplace trends and more.

Invest in yourself and upskill

Another key aspect that you can include to boost your career and skillset is by keeping abreast with the market trends. This can be done if you learn and develop an in-demand skill that will also open possibilities for new job opportunities and job profiles.

Here are the 5 top in-demand skills in 2020:
  1. Blockchain
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Artificial intelligence
  4. UX design
  5. Affiliate marketing
You can opt for an online course on the above mentioned skills and give your resume a boost.

Also, opting for an online course has the following advantages:
  1. You can learn whatever you want!
  2. You can learn from the comfort of your home
  3. Affordable
  4. Self-paced learning
  5. Online courses look great on a resume
Check out ATS resume templates to precisely highlight your strengths for better opportunities.

Continue Researching

If you are seeking a job or need a job change, in times of the pandemic, a continued research is advised. This will make you aware of which job profile is being hired, which skill is in-demand and which companies are hiring. Browsing professional networking websites and platforms will help you keep abreast with the changing trends. This will also help you to be prepared to face the competition for a particular job you desire.

Reach Out and Give Thanks

Even though it can feel like bad things keep happening, remember that this situation is hard on everyone and we are all adapting and learning together. Use this time to reflect on those who have made an influence in your life and reach out to them. During this stressful time, your kind words can have a big impact.

Build and Expand your Network

Not all networking has to be done in person! Use your inner and outer circle to build connections and explore career options. Think friends, family, peers, faculty, alumni, and beyond. Most people would be willing to have a conversation to share their journey and offer advice.

Financial preparedness

Due to this pandemic people have become more careful about their finances. Customer researches show that people are keener towards savings and low-risk products to fulfill their future goals. Whatever may be the situation you should always take a robust approach towards your financial planning to be able to enjoy the present and secure the future.
A financial instrument like life insurance will help secure your family’s financial future and give you the opportunity to create wealth to fulfill their goals. Being financially prepared also helps you to worry less and have a positive outlook towards your future.

In Conclusion, you must be prepared, more updated, and more focused in these times. Keeping finances in check will assist you in every way to keep your career up to date as you will have to worry less of the money in hand but channel your energy in reaching a targeted career goal.

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