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Indian eGov App-Store - Accelerating Delivery of e-Services for Citizens

The eGov app store is a repository of cloud-based applications to aid government agencies and departments in providing a common platform to host and run applications developed by government agencies and private players. This repository is a Pandora’s Box of reusable customizable and configurable applications, components, and web services developed as a NeGP (National e-Governance Plan) initiative.

e-Gov App Store encourages start-ups and SME’s who develop government-centric applications. These applications are rigorously tested and after undergoing various trials and user acceptance testing they become ready to be adopted by various departments. Once adopted by one of the departments, the government can take help from these developers to integrate similar applications in other departments or for other states. Also, this government initiative is a platform where even private players can cabinet their citizen-centric applications having relevance with the public sector. Users of public sector agencies who find a specific application relevant can provide their feedback on the same and contribute to getting better applications. Further, the e-Gov App Store is also a forum to give opportunities to public and private sector companies to share their concepts and ideas.

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The applications posing high demand and flexibility across departments can be hosted on the National Cloud server and included in e-Gov AppStore. This platform also has must-have applications including payment gateways, MIS reporting solutions, messaging platforms, forums, etc. This App Store is accessible to various government departments by downloading applications from respective e-Gov AppStore or by directly running the application.

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At present e-Gov AppStore contains NIC applications and components developed catering to specific government requirements. Also, the government is soon to take SaaS (Software as a Service) methodology to have a better and productive environment at a lower cost.

Among various reasons listed above, let us list down major four highlights of eGov App Store :
  1. Deployment of applications across all states in a smooth manner.
  2. Reduce cost by avoiding duplication of effort exhausted in developing similar applications.
  3. Having a repository of certified applications meeting common standards.
  4. Have a faster development and deployment process of Government applications.
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Features of e-Gov App Store

  1. Sharing of applications across various states and government departments.
  2. A seamless search of applications.
  3. A basic introduction and features of a particular application are overlaid in the description.
  4. Feature to rate, comment, review, and provide feedback on a particular application.
  5. Feature to contribute private and the government made citizen-centric applications are available. The approval to submit an application is a three-level authentication for private applications and the approval process for government application is a two-level process.
  6. Only authenticated users can download and use an application hosted on e-Gov AppStore.


This e-Gov app store still has a long way to go to reach a stable implementation phase. An eco-system to provide funding, contract management, defining SLA’s and chargeback process is yet to be established. As opposed to present AppStore being a primary repository of just showcasing NIC applications it is soon to be a part of Cloud initiative under the Government of India.