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Tryitfirst.in - Experience Electronics at Home and Stay Safe from COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic had made us a little homebound for our safety and as per government and health authorities, we should avoid any social contact. Moving out of the house might potentially mean we may catch or spread the virus. Moreover, stepping out is not completely avoidable but we can plan properly, and we should take measured to avoid exposure as much as possible.

Hence, it is important to reduce the risk of contact when you shop, so in unavoidable situations like grocery shopping, we should be keeping in mind a few things before moving out like, have a grocery list prepared, wear a mask, sanitize carts and hands, and disinfect grocery bags, etc. But make sure you subscribe to methods of home delivery wherever its available and applicable. 

In order to mold the current situation and helping people stay indoors, businesses are adapting home delivery practices by taking all the necessary precautions to safeguard both workers and consumers.
We were recently looking for new over the ear headphones and we were very apprehensive about stepping out to do an offline purchase. As per our experience with ordering on online web stores, we noticed that the home delivery practice gets a little challenging when we have to try and buy electronic items. For instance, an earphone sound and audio quality can only be tested when experienced personally. We can always read reviews but, reviews are generally based on personal choice and comfort. An over-the-ear headphone can be of comfort to the reviewer not but necessarily to everyone. Hence, an informed purchase decision is made only when we can manually check if the product fits us comfortably and offers the type of sound or mic quality that we were are looking for.

This can only happen when you try the product, as, some people might be looking for a good bass while others only focus on the good mic to drive office calls, and hence it is generally a different requirement for different people for the same product.

So we were seeking out for different options on how can we avoid going to the store to do our purchase and we stumbled upon Tryitfirst.in. It is one such revolutionary service that provides “Try and Experience” of an experience center at the convenience of your home.

We found it very convenient to use Tryitfirst; we followed 3 simple steps, went to the website, select 3 products for over the ear headphones, and placed the request for trial. A Tryitfirst executive got the products at our home and we easily tried and decided if our chosen headphone/earphone is apt for us and our requirements. Also, the executives are experienced people who have knowledge about the product they deliver, and the delivery agent also guided us with the best product that is suited for us.

We were extremely happy with the service because all the steps that the TIF executive took were to make sure we are having a safe contact with the product in the times of pandemic. He sanitized the product in front of us before we used it for trial and also sanitized it before packing it up.

Providing you with more info on the website, on browsing the website you will see that Tryitfirst has tied up with multiple companies and products from most of the top brands like Samsung, Sony, Boat, Portronics, Motorola, Jabra, Sennheiser, and JBL. You will also find a plethora of products under these brands such as mobiles, tablets, fitness trackers, smartwatches, mobile accessories, and computer accessories. You can also filter down the list of products with your requirements, for instance, a wired over the ear headphone for gaming and within Rs. 10000.

Speaking about return, TIF is well aware that customers might have problems with the product and hence they have simplified the return process. Once a request is placed, an executive will book an appointment, come at your place, assess the defect, and collect the product along with the invoice and original packaging. Hence you can avoid stepping out of the house looking for a delivery center and track the status of return requests online.

With almost all the brands listed, 365 days replacement, hassle-free warranty, and no pain of looking for a service center, experience yourself the amazing services provided by Tryitfirst.in and make the right decision of buying. You don’t have to decide by just looking at pictures or going through reviews but have an at-home experience of the product with the help of experienced delivery executives.

We loved the idea of “Try it First” in the category of electronics, such services assure us that we are buying the product that’s genuine and best fit. Do not miss your first-hand experience to the same and login to the website Tryitfirst.in or down the app on PlayStore or AppStore.