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Improve your Sales Team with VoIP Call Recording

Michael Jordan rewatched every game tape. What would happen if your team did too? Using call recording software helps to review sales calls and improve performance to help the entire team. 

Call recording is more than just replaying old calls. It uses AI to analyze those calls and delivers insights into what top performers on your team do differently.

Here are some of the call recording features that can improve your sellers’ performance. 

Personalized recommendations 

Reviewing your rep’s performance helps to identify their areas of improvement. A good call recording service should analyze their overall performance and single out calls where their delivery could be improved. 

Using AI means saving time on listening to a lot of calls and being able to point out patterns without actively looking for them.. That means improved coaching, better sales performance, and more deals won. 

Keep in mind that not all providers offer this platform so you may need to reach out to find out before purchasing. 

Access to Agent Records 

Allowing your team members to review their recordings can go a long way in improving customer experience. This essentially means that you’re allowing them to manage their calls and conversations to detect any customer service issues so that they don’t occur again in future. 

When you give sales reps access to their call recordings, chances are that they want to maximize their output so they will look for those areas they need to drop in future conversations with clients, shorten calls and learn how to detect when a lead is profitable. When your teams have access to their recordings, they can use it to improve their performance or raise a recurring issue with managers. 

Remote Access 

Call recording VoIP allows managers to work with teams remotely. This ability to seamlessly connect with teams based in different locations makes it possible to train your staff and measure their performance. Moreover, it is also possible for the reps to access recordings on their mobile devices. 

Most call recording VoIP service providers offer a dedicated dashboard that allows managers to access analytics remotely. This is a time-saver that makes it possible for you to access important metrics on the go. 

Speech Analysis 

Artificial intelligence in call recording VoIP increases the performance and efficiency of your teams. Modern recording systems use speech to phrase recognition IVRs and built-in Ais that glean opportunities from previous calls. 

Thus, you can use this service to gather important data by listening to multiple conversations. The major advantage of speech analytics is that your teams can follow up on existing customers to offer them potential opportunities that resonate with their needs. 

The speech analysis function is also handy in identifying common themes within an average call time. This may be a certain way that customers prefer to make payments or the introduction of certain features for specific products. 

Data Encryption 

Data encryption is critical to any call recording service. You must ensure the protection of confidential data whether it is on the source machine or it’s in transit from one device to another. Invest in recording software that compresses and encrypts the data so that it can’t be stolen in the process. 

This is vital because data transit happens continuously as recordings re transferred to locally based or cloud-based storage media so your data is protected at all times. Moreover, the compression process also helps to reduce the file size so that it doesn’t take up too much space. 

Using call recording VoIP service will help improve your customer experience as much as it will improve your training insight, legal protection and compliance. Therefore, you must take time to find the best recording software possible that takes into account your needs as a manager and the needs of your reps. 

Ultimately, using the call recording software should result in an improvement in customer experience, a reduction in the number of callbacks and improved contact resolution thus eliminating abandoned calls. You must take time to find the right solution that comes with call recording features that will ensure the efficiency of service and improved performance of team members.