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Dell Technologies captures a picture perfect work-life balance in remote work with #LifeKaNayaBalance campaign

“When life gets blurry, adjust your focus!” -  A Pinterest quote that truly defines our lives today. 

Creativity in times of a pandemic. Yes, this is what the new world has made way for. Although the year 2020 pushed people indoors, and brought in new ways to connect, yet we have found the light at the end of the tunnel. People are finding ways to rekindle their old hobbies; they are connecting with old friends and family members and are also finding new ways to balance their work and life, as now they have the freedom to work anywhere they want. And acting as the compass showing this way is technology – specifically the technologies that are bridging the thin line between the physical and the virtual world.

Finding a new way to capture life in these changing times 

While I was browsing online, one thing that really struck me was a social media campaign by Dell Technologies - #LifeKaNayaBalance. The campaign features inspirational remote work stories of influential leaders in India who interact with influencers from all walks of life. They delve into how technology is acting as the bedrock in reiterating work-life balance, bringing a new balance in life! 
The videos feature the CEO of Tata Starbucks India with Indian Ocean musician Amit Kilam;  and Nilanjan Bhowal of Design Consortium with famous photographer Ravi Dhingra. There are some more videos of top CXOs in the country and celebrities as part of the campaign who have shared their work from home stories highlighting how technology is enabling them to stay productive and passionate. You can see the playlist here.

With this new campaign, Dell Technologies has shed new light on this new world, where productivity and passion go side-by-side. While a skilled and effective workforce is essential, the technology to support them is equally vital. It is the responsibility of technology decision-makers to provide every remote worker with an ecosystem of hardware, software and additional equipment that maximizes each worker’s ability to contribute to the organization. 

In fact, a recent survey commissioned by Dell suggests that motivation and engagement are fuelled by technology that meets user needs for power, durability and convenience. 65% of remote workers prefer to work for an organization that offers mobility and flexibility, and 64% say technology plays a role in a good work-life balance, resulting in higher motivation and engagement1

The survey further examines the workers’ experience across three vectors: 
  1. Productivity. It is no longer measured merely by the ability of workers to complete assigned tasks, but by how creatively, how enthusiastically and how effectively employees accomplish their work. 
  2. Collaboration. Built on the seamless and secure flow of data, collaboration has a multiplier effect on productivity across the enterprise, increasing both the quantity and quality of work accomplished. 
  3. Security. As attacks proliferate and grow more sophisticated, security measures must improve, but must not impede the productivity of workers or their ability to collaborate. 

The right technology partner makes a big difference. 

Through the #LifeKaNayaBalance campaign, Dell Technologies has subtly highlighted the importance of a perfect ecosystem of remote work solutions, something that it provides for the workforce and workplaces of the future. With its huge portfolio of remote work devices, peripherals like desktops, laptops, 2-in-1 devices, displays, digital pens, monitors, and more, it is the right tech partner for any organization to efficiently meet its workforce requirements. 

With the freedom to work anywhere, we need to embrace the right technology and solutions that let us deliver our best – both at work and while we pursue our passion. This is what Dell has portrayed through this campaign. The campaign also has an interesting contest for the audience where you can share how technology is helping you find #LifeKaNayaBalance. Check out the campaign on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and do take part in the contest to win goodies from Dell. 

This campaign will surely inspire many like me – who are trying to make the best out of the current situation. After all, a pixel-perfect life is one that is rightly balanced!