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Magento - Online Store Management System

Which online store management system do you want to choose for your website? BigCommerce? Volusion or maybe Shopify? As statistics show, most modern online stores opt for the Magento system and this is no accident! What is this platform, what are its principal features and advantages? Learn more here.

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What is Magento?

Magento is one of the most popular CMS in the world that targets e-commerce websites. Like most other platforms, this CMS is based on MySQL and PHP. The distinctive features of the system is the availability of the open-source version.

The first version of the platform was introduced in 2007 and almost immediately began to demonstrate impressive results on the market. In late 2011, the company was bought out by the eBay corporation and after four years of hard work by developers, the second version of Magento was released. It should be noted that the Magento platform is currently owned by Adobe.

Right now, the Magento platform is used by about 200 thousand modern online stores and this number is growing regularly. The basic functionality of the control system is specifically targeted at European and American markets, responding to current market trends.  

One of the main reasons for choosing Magento is the extensibility and flexibility of this platform. The wide capabilities of the system allow you to integrate any popular functionality on the selected resource. Thanks to these features, the vast majority of fast-growing and large companies opt for Magento. A pleasant bonus is a flexible pricing policy that will allow you to customize Magento development for both large and small marketplaces.

Magento online store management system is one of the most scalable tools that is actively used to create e-commerce sites. A prerequisite for achieving high results and effective operation of the site is to attract qualified and competent developers who have a positive experience with Magento.

Magento features and benefits

The undoubted advantages of the Magento platform include the following options:

  1. huge functionality, which implies the ability to flexibly configure and implement various extensions at the merchants’ choice;

  2. possibility of comfortable use for all employees and clients - no special skills are required, everything is simple and convenient;

  3. the user interface has a wide variety of features;

  4. high scalability of the platform is great for developing companies;

  5. many available options for implementing a payment gateway;

  6. almost endless possibilities for flexible customization of your own design and theme.

A distinctive feature of the system is high security, which provides several security features at once, such as Google reCAPTCHA, two-factor authentication, etc. If necessary, you can always get additional tools to increase site security with the help of Magento developers.

One of the important points is the timely and high-quality Magento customer support. You will never regret choosing this CMS because effective and progressive technical solutions have been specially developed for it.