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Orient Electric Fans Review – Summer Breeze Pro, Twister and Rapid Air

Whenever we speak about fans, there is always a certain brand whose picture we paint in our head and start speaking about them, referencing that brand. One such brand that has laid an impression on the Indian customer base is Orient Electric. A product of CK Birla Group, with a worldwide presence, many awards, and accolades in its bucket and world-class products, Orient Electric has evolved as a trusted brand in the Global Fan Industry.

Recently, Orient Electric has launched 3 new high-speed ceiling fans (Summer Breeze Pro, Rapid Air, Twister) which are affordable, high in speed, and superior looking. Let us have a brief look at the features of each of these three.

Summer Breeze Pro

Summer Breeze Pro fans come with aluminum blades, the wider tips of these blades provide better air circulation and a smart oval canopy for fluidic design. Further, the aluminum blades provide better balancing, a longer life, and the high-grade copper with preamble insulation delivers better efficiency. The motor in Summer Breeze is a 14-pole high-speed motor and is the strongest in its category. With the double ball bearing, you will experience smooth and noiseless operation thus aiding a soundless good night’s sleep. Also, if your area faces voltage fluctuations, Summer Breeze’s advanced PSPO (of value 360,440, 450) technology ensures a sustained airflow during voltage fluctuations. 

The fan comes in three different colors to choose from white, brown, and ivory, and offers 3 different sweeps (diameter of the circle that you see when the fan blades are in motion) options 1400mm, 1200mm, and 900mm.


Another ceiling fan launched by Orient Electric is Twister, it is categorized under high-speed fans, and like Summer Breeze pro, it also comes with Smart Canopy for fluidic design. It has high-speed, strong and durable motor coupled with superior paint finish that provides longer life and better performance. Its USP lies with double ball bearing to provide smooth and noiseless operation. Further, its strong and heavy motor provides the highest durability when compared to fans in its category. Unlike Summer Breeze Pro, Twister’s blades are designed with a unique twist angle to deliver higher air in a larger room. Talking about color options, you can choose from White, Ivory, Brown & Matt Brown and offers a single sweep of 1200mm.

Rapid Air

Rapid Air is the third high-speed fan launched this year along with Twister and Summer Breeze Pro. The uniqueness of this product lies in its affordability along with high performance, high durability, long-lasting motor, and superior paint finish. This as well comes in three colors White, Brown & Soft Pearl. 

General Specification

General Specification  Summer Breeze Pro  Twister  Rapid Air
Sweep  900, 1200, 1400  1200  1200
Blades  3  3  3
Product Warranty (In Years)  2  2  2
RPM  400 ,370, 300  370  390
Consumption in Watts  58 ,70,73  75  80
PSPO Value  360,440, 450  -  -
Air Delivery (CMM)  230  230  195
Body Colour  White, Brown & Ivory  White, Ivory, Brown & Matt Brown  White, Brown & Soft Pearl

So, if you are looking to install a new ceiling fan, the new range of Orient Electric fans might justify all the needs depending on your requirements, color preferences, consumption, etc. You can get more insight into these on its website and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.