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Breaking Down How SEO Can Help Your Company’s Website

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical part of how you set up your company’s website. However, some business owners still don’t know much about it.

We’ll take some time to talk about SEO fundamentals in this article. In the end, business owners should have a better grasp of what SEO is about and why they should dedicate some time to it if they want their company’s website to rank at the top of the SERPs.

SEO Fundamentals

Every online concept has some fundamentals you shouldn’t ignore. For instance, IT specialists know that Identity and Access Management matters for safety reasons. SEO also has some fundamental concepts. Once you understand them, it becomes a lot easier to see why it matters for your business, even if you aren’t an expert in it.  

You should think of your business’s website as it relates to Google, the preferred internet search engine. You have to optimize your site for Google since that's the search engine web users prefer worldwide more than any other by a wide margin. To ensure your company’s site stays at the top of the search engine ranking positions, you need to make sure you write your site’s copy correctly.

Google does not release its algorithm. They consider its particulars a trade secret. However, if you study what ranks at the top of Google’s listings when you type in particular words or phrases, you can extrapolate quite a bit about how the algorithm works.

Some individuals study the Google algorithm all the time. Major companies often employ them because their Google expertise can help those companies who always want to remain at the top of the SERPs.


At this point, we should talk about SERPs a little bit. Search engine ranking positions are where your company falls when you type a particular word or phrase into Google. You’ll want to know whether your company comes in at one of the top positions, whether it is further down but still appears on the first page, or whether it’s not on the first page at all.

The answer to where in the SERPs your company ranks is more vital to your business’s success than many owners or operators realize. Let’s say you own a bagel store in Buffalo, New York. You type the phrase “bagel store Buffalo NY” into Google and see the results.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

In this scenario, something like “bagels” is a keyword. The keyword combination “bagel store buffalo NY” is a keyword phrase.

You will want to rank at the top of the SERPs for keyword phrases like “bagel store buffalo New York” and “bagel store near me” as well. That is because proximity to where a person uses Google is absolutely part of the search engine’s algorithm.

Landing on the First Page is Crucial

If you start to think about SEO in this way, it becomes very easy and obvious to see why you need to rank on the first page of the Google search results rather than the second, third, fourth, etc. When you’re trying to understand SEO’s importance for your business’s website, all you need to do is think about how often you go to the second page of the Google results when you type something into it.

The reality is that almost no one ever goes to the second page of the Google search engine results. 
Instead, if they don’t find what they wanted with the first page of results, they will often try to come up with a different keyword phrase instead of going to the second page. For whatever reason, this is how most people use Google, and many studies of their online habits back up this assertion.

This is why so many companies hire SEO experts to get their website to rank on the first page of the 
Google results for not just one keyword but several keyword phrases. When trying to determine how to get a company’s website to rank at the top of the SERPs, an SEO specialist will look at the website’s copy to make sure you’ve optimized it with keywords. They might also add images, videos, social media prompts, and other elements the Google algorithm seems to prefer.

Like it or not, the Google algorithm is your business’s online partner. You need to do what it likes if you want online searchers to find out about your company, and that’s the main reason why SEO matters.