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Optimal Business Operations and Performance with Dell Technologies Support & Managed Services

Digital transformation is not an aspiration, but a reality for organizations post the global disruption of 2020. Organizations have had to embrace the new reality at a faster pace to stay competitive. The role and responsibility of an IT manager have increased manifolds as now they have the task to deliver digital transformation at an accelerated speed while providing constant IT support to the distributed teams and ensuring business continuity. Limited time and resources, however, remain a challenge for IT teams and they are often stuck firefighting and resolving petty IT tickets rather than planning and strategizing IT upgrades and transformation initiatives.

This is where Support and Managed Services step in to help businesses realign their resources and do the heavy lifting in IT resource management, leaving the in-house IT team to focus on planning and strategizing IT upgrades. These services help organizations reduce costs, increase efficiency, bring scalability, and gain a secure and controlled IT infrastructure. With these services onboard, enterprises enjoy the benefits of having an extensive IT infrastructure without having to spend on creating the same in-house. 

Dell Technologies’ extensive portfolio of Support Services and Managed Services covers end-to-end IT management, from multi-cloud infrastructure management and remote work support to data management support, hardware and software support, endpoint security and warranty.

Running business critical IT functions with Support Services

Undergoing digital transformation is a big undertaking, even for large businesses with extensive IT teams. With work from anywhere becoming a reality for organizations there is an increased pressure on IT departments to provide constant support to a distributed workforce. The new normal has also increased threat of cyberattacks, data loss and downtime. Dell Technologies Support Services helps companies navigate through these challenges with ease. Built on a foundation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and data analytics, these services help maximize productivity while optimizing the technology environment.

Dell Technologies’ Support Services cater to the entire spectrum of IT requirements a business may have.
  1. Enterprise Support Services - Enterprise-class support that aligns with the criticality of your systems and create support proficiencies that are important for modern data center operations.
  2. Business Client Services – Services that help businesses with proactive and predictive support on PCs, enabling them to address issues before they impact the business.
  3. Support Services for home PCs – Keeping your remote workforce secure and productive with 24x7 access to expert hardware and software support.
  4. Warranty Services – Get peace of mind knowing your Dell products will be safer, for longer. Extend or upgrade your support service with ease.
  5. Support Technologies – Services that assists your IT staff with remote work management, fast resolutions of issues, predictive and proactive assessment, data visualization and team enablement. 

Invest your IT resources in business strategy with Managed Services

With the IT department consumed with the demands and complexities of ongoing operations, organizations are suffering delays in transformation initiatives required to upgrade the IT infrastructure. Dell Technologies Managed Services empower businesses with agility, flexibility, and on-demand availability to improve their IT efficiencies and performance.

Their managed services and security architecture integrates into the customer`s existing IT infrastructure. The aim is to maximize return on investments and safeguard their environment. Dell’s focus is ITIL-based, which means a superior level of attention to ensure the agreed-upon performance, availability, visibility, measurement and reporting requirements are met.

Managed Services coordinates the overall structure at agreed levels and manages converged, hyper-converged, storage, and backup infrastructure and business-as-usual services, including:
  1. Proactive monitoring and alerts 24x7x365
  2. Incident management 
  3. Problem management and root cause analysis
  4. Change management 
  5. Configuration, capacity and performance management 
  6. Availability Management 
  7. Service enablement
  8. Standardized reporting
  9. Storage service and change requests
  10. Backup success rates and restores
  11. Continual service improvement

Dell Technologies – helping businesses reach their true potential.

Dell Technologies' Support and Managed Services extensive portfolio makes them an ideal technology partner for business across industries and verticals. Their expertise, knowledge, and advanced technology enable organizations to explore their true potential and stay competitive. With Support and Managed Services in play, businesses can now confidently redirect their IT teams' efforts to planning and strategizing transformation initiatives.