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Progressive Web Apps: The Biggest eCommerce Trend of Today

This web arena is constantly changing in the demand of something new. This is where progressive web apps are the biggest name in the competition among all the other players like websites and different kind of the web apps. The PWAs shower an extended level of navigation and user-friendliness that come attached with mobile apps.

Digging deep, it is easy to access PWA with simple URLs that even work offline and easily indexed by the search engines. This is the reason businesses that kept PWAs in action have received better conversion rates and in turn better revenues and lower bounce rate. For instance, Alibaba is assumed to have about 76% more conversion rate by building progressive web apps.

So, What Are Progressive Web Apps

Being delivered by a standard web browser, PWAs gives an identical experience as a native app. PWAs aims to give all the advantages of an app while working on the mobile web. These are offline work & push notifications. The best part is, they are not allowed to be installed like a native app and capable of being loaded into a browser to perform at its best on any phone or tablet.

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Why PWAs

Some of you might be in dilemma about why a native app cannot be created instead of progressive web apps. Developing an app costs a lot of money spent on research and testing along with continuous demand to deliver already downloaded updates on time.

Customers might be bringing a big risk by downloading an app on their phone that involves installation time, valuable disk space and even an adverse effect on the performance of a mobile device if things did not go well.

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The plus point is, PWAs are not launched for any specific operating system. So, in-depth understanding of how code adapts on multiple operating systems is not mandatory.

What PWA Offers

PWA has tons of advantages for a customer and business owner as well-
  1. Unlike native app needs to be installed, PWA does not ask for installation as it is a kind of website with a feeling that users are working on an app. They can save the site as a bookmark or shortcut on the home screen.
  2. PWAs are updated on the go as compared to the native apps that constantly need to be updated whenever a customer uses it.
  3. The fast loading speed is mandatory in today’s web arena and PWA works for the same by decreasing the load time.
  4. Push notifications is an interesting PWA feature for the marketers to engage with the customers and hence to increase conversion rate.
  5. PWA , being a website, works seamlessly without internet connection. The inherent logic is, when a device is online, a script runs by a browser caches the information and makes it available when the device is offline.

Aspects where PWA has shown its impact

User retention

Generally, native apps serve the users’ notifications straight to the screen. The best part about Progressive Web Apps is that they offer the same inbuilt functionality of push notifications that alert users about the current site developments.

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It is mandatory for the e-commerce sites to alert users regarding the updates, majorly when fresh products are in the stock, or you have anything exciting about sales and discounts to share. With ‘Add to Home Screen’ function, users are allowed to place a shortcut icon on their home screens to gain easy access.

Offline functionality

PWAs are assumed to bridge the gap between online and offline by rendering a basic navigation in the interim. For instance, in an underground transport where there is a need of offline functionality, the Wi-Fi connection works with less frequency.


Progressive web apps is the champ of providing a good user experience. So, they need to be through a responsive layout. With this, the design can accommodate space irrespective of the screen size.

In a Nutshell

The era in which we are living demands everything to be highly fast and advanced. The reason is; no one wants to spend time in the slow pace. Progressive web apps are emerging out as the major competitor of the native apps in the eCommerce web development. It delivers a strong user experience and loads instantly without any connection. With the use of PWAs, it is assumed to have better user engagement and conversion.