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Smart Homes are a Boon to People who are not Habitual of using Smart Devices

Buying a home is a once in a lifetime affair. We think about various parameters such as location, rate, amenities, unique features, etc., which can be beneficial for us and our families in the coming years.

In this context, a new concept that is getting lots of attention these days is automated homes or smart homes. With home automation, you get to control all the aspects of the house seamlessly. Every electrical appliance in the "smart home" can be integrated into the "home automation" network. Thus, no more turning on the lights bulbs or shutting down the computer. The home automation hub will take care of it all. It is like magic.

For instance, step into a room and the all the lights and ceiling fans will be switched on. Step out, and it will be turned off. Well, a fan is good in summer but what about when the mercury dips? Nothing to worry, just like magic it will know when to switch it on and when not to. A guest at home while you are at the office? Through home automation technology one can open the gates, switch on the lights and fans and make the guest feel comfortable while working at the office.

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A home blessed with automation technology, not only make our lives easier, but it also works miracles by decreasing the maintenance and energy costs. Just by a single click on our smartphones or our tabs, we can control all the devices of our homes, and the cost includes just the initial installation cost along with a nominal maintenance cost.

Needless to mention, apart from 'controlling' the home, we can also keep a close watch on the home, ensuring the safety and security of the home while we are away. Also, as the simple but often forgotten tasks like switching on/off of electronic devices can be monitored and done remotely, installing the technology in our homes ensures energy efficiency as well.

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Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why smart homes are a boon to people.

Control at the Touch of a Screen

With the help of smart appliances such as a smart microwave oven, you can use apps on your smartphone to enjoy complete control of your house's function from anywhere in the world. Forgot to switch off the oven? Television still running while you are on vacation? No need to strain yourself. Simply switch off the appliances in seconds from the accompanying mobile apps.

There are a number of possibilities to the apps that are available in the market today. Developers have build devices and apps to control home lighting, stereos, water usage, garage doors, lawn care and even your dog's food dish - all readily and easily controlled by the smartphone you already own.


Smart homes don't just prevent accidental house fires from unattended microwave ovens; these smart homes permit us also to keep our loved ones secure and safe. Security systems can be introduced into a house to allow homeowners to monitor the comings and goings of people and alert you on your smartphone in case of any suspicious activity. Entrances can be locked, cameras monitored from your smartphone, security systems armed, creating a safer and secure environment for you and your family.

For homes with children, pets, and those caring for elderly parents, security tools can make life easier and provide you peace of mind. Notifications can be sent to your phone when someone from your family leaves the house, and you can also keep a check of where they go once they leave.

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Energy Efficiency

You can enjoy more benefits from a smart home than just accessibility and convenience. Smart home technology permits people to use smart appliances that consume the least amount of energy. For instance, induction cook-top stoves now come with the brilliance to heat exclusively when a metal pan is kept on top of it. Meaning no more pans being overheated and no more burned food when uncovered. Smart stove top can even accomplish a perfect boil while using the least amount of energy consumption.

Saving money of water bills has also become easier. Certain faucet technologies can maximise shower water usage by forming individual droplets of water to create a more fulfilling shower experience while using less water than the normal shower head.


If you have a person in the house who is disabled or elderly, you can understand how even the most common tasks can become difficult for them. Smart home technology can significantly improve their lives, and by utilising voice commands, anyone who is unfamiliar with computers can learn the technology easily.

Setting up home automation system for activities like garden care removes unneeded stress from the lives of many people. As the technology advances, more and more demanding tasks will become accessible, improving independence and flexibility in housing for people who might not be fully able to take care of their homes on their own.

With the addition of these technologies, you not only save money on your bills, but also increase the resale value of your home. These upgrades may require a good amount of your investment but soon start paying for themselves. Some features of a smart home may demand a substantial amount with long-term rewards, and some are affordable and simple and impact your house today. By making these small modifications to your home's functionality, you can embrace the change and enjoy the potential savings.