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Top Start-ups using Internet of Things to Change the World

Entrepreneurs, engineers and industrialists are getting ready to cash in Internet of Things (IoT) as more and more things are getting techy by having sensors attached to it. With IoT being star of the decade there are start-ups coming forward to shape the future with their technological advancements. 

Let’s have a look at five start-ups which are very poised and creative in their ideas to gift us this advancement of technology. 

1) Neura

Neura is a California based start-up that assists you in various aspects of your daily life by collecting information from your frequent activities like people you’ve met, devices you were connected to and places you visited. Neura collect all this data and learns from these interactions. An application of this personal assistant could be; when you leaving your office and Neura books a cab for your, text your family members that you’ll be home, triggers your bed-room ac to switch on or even direct your water heater so that you don’t have to wait for a hot shower. This is an adaptive tool and will become better as it knows you better over time.

2) TempolQ

TempoIQ is a Chicago based company focussing on storing and monitoring sensor data collected from connected devices in a time series database.  The database is on a private cloud environment and it monitors and alerts users based on custom analytics for time series and sensor data. TempoIQ alerts users on significant changes in data like manufacturing line going down. Such kind of information lets users take action on emergency situations. Also, with TempoIQ users can analyse future situations based on historical data. 

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3) Octoblu

Octoblu, is a start-up targeting in one of major bottle necks of IoT, i.e. bringing different devices across protocols and platforms to communicate seamlessly. It is more or less like a universal IoT system working on a public or private cloud and making API’s to work together. 

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4) Chui

Chui is a smart doorbell which is more than just a doorbell. Some of its applications are, unlocking door by facial recognition, thus you can turn your face and the faces you allow to be door keys. Chui can also track and keep logs of people who might have visited your place in your absence. There is a functionality where you can unlock the door through your smart phone for unexpected visitors so that they do not have to wait outside until you get home. Chui also allows you to have video chat with your visitors through your smartphone. 

5) Scanalytics

As a part of Microsoft’s new Internet of Things accelerator, Scanalytics is inclined to making physical spaces a part of Internet of things.  The company’s flagship product is an interesting floor mat which works like a touch screen and claims at measuring 100% foot traffic in a certain area. This floor mat is called SoleSensor which can also measure which part of the floor is most frequently visited and even prompt actions based on customer behaviour. 


These five companies are many of those few who are talk of the town in computing power and connectivity bringing Internet of Things closer to us. They have put a step forward in making our lives easier, more technologically connected and changing the world we see around us.