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Why Internet of Things is the Next Big Thing?

Is Internet of Things far bigger than anyone realizes or it’s just another “big thing” in the technology world?

People are generally blind folded by the “next big thing” and usually their imagination revolves around one thing what is closest to the sight. So, Internet of Things is machine to machine communication using cloud computing and data gathering sensors which tends to make our lives “smarter”. But the core of this technology is in the sensors and the data it collects.  

A “Sensor” imbibed in the machine is not “a machine” in itself but is the point of communication between two devices. Its primary functions including gathering, measuring and evaluating data. So, the IoT value lies in the data gathered by sensors, and to analyse it perfectly there has to be a proper infrastructure in place.

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In order to leverage the data collected from sensors there are a number of Cloud based applications which interpret and transmit data back to these sensors. 

So what could be IoT applications for a greater good? Well, let’s take an example of a bridge which is made of smart cement having sensors imbibed in it. This cement alerts beforehand for any stresses, warpages and cracks in the bridge and authorities are notified beforehand, thus saving people from a major catastrophe. Also, if there is ice on the bridge, the sensor will communicate with your car and alert driver to drive at a certain speed, if the driver still chose to ignore the alert, the car automatically slows down for him. This makes a communication between machines or say objects into actionable intelligence. 

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Such functionalities connect smart cars with smart grid systems and help building better cities with traffic flow optimization. Traffic and street conditions can be communicated to drivers helping them to reroute and minimize congestion. 

In all, these sensors monitors and tracks data, sends it to cloud based apps which gets meaningful information out of it and transmit it across, making smarter cars, bridges, streets and hence smarter cities.

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Hence, the bigger picture is not just, smart devices, cars, cities or bridges. It is the huge fundamental shift in technology and a major drive to create new products services and jobs. 

Having smart functionalities across various industries, humongous savings and innumerable potential, Internet of Things is a major breakthrough. Of all the technological advancements happening right now, Internet of Things will have a major role to provide many opportunities in near future.