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How this Indian startup is shaping the future of India’s Tech Industry

What if you could learn at no upfront cost, and pay back the institute only when you are skilled enough and land a job? Would this not change the dynamics of how “Education” operates in India? 

Masai School, a Bangalore based educational startup is transforming India’s education with their unique courses in Full Stack Web Development, where a student trains and learns with Masai School for 30 weeks, and pays back only when they’re placed with jobs that pay them 5LPA or more. 

Since its inception in 2019, 500+ students have graduated from Masai, with an average salary of 7.6LPA, the highest being as high as 36LPA, which is at par with the performance of top colleges in India. 

However, what truly stands out is their ability to train almost anyone into a competent Software Developer that too in just 30 weeks! This short duration backed with an offering of no-upfront fee positions Masai as one of the emerging leaders in Ed-Tech and Job-Tech. 

Here’s what you learn at Masai in your 30-week course duration.

The detailed syllabus can be found here.

What is Masai’s secret sauce? 

The curriculum at Masai has been designed by consulting with Industry experts and keeping the market demands into consideration, therefore everything the students learn is relevant. 

The curriculum at Masai is intense, wherein students learn from 9 am to 9 pm every day for 30 weeks straight, and in this duration, they end up working on multiple projects, coding for 1200+ hours, and working on multiple assignments to build mastery, and therefore be job ready. 

Masai’s teaching style is unique and follows MBP - Mastery based progressive learning, where a student builds a skill, and not just score marks. 

What is Mastery-Based Progression?

Mastery-based progression (MBP), also termed Competency-based learning, is a framework/structure for learning, assessment, evaluation, and progress for students based on their demonstrations of the skills they’ve learned and whether they’re able to apply them. 

In MBP,  a student doesn’t move forward until they’ve mastered a particular subject ensuring the proficiency and quality of education for students.

MBP works on the belief that different people have different capabilities, and each of them learns at their own pace in their own way. It recognizes the different backgrounds students come from, their life & work experiences, language barriers, and learning styles among others.

Mastery Based Progression aims at fulfilling that gap between education and employment by focussing on developing subject mastery and its application. More importantly, it focuses on flexibility and personalization for students.

MBP is the cornerstone for such structured learning that makes dreams come true at Masai. It ensures there are no gaps in the student’s employability quotient by the end of the program and our outstanding placement numbers at 97% stamps the case.

Today Masai students are placed at many of India’s top unicorns, and their last 7 batches to graduate are completely placed, which is a rare, almost unheard feat for any educational institution. 

With hundreds of Masai graduates already in the industry, and thousands more to come, we can anticipate that Masai would be a major contributor to the growth of tech startups in India by enriching the ecosystem with competent engineers, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if some of the Alumni go on to become CTOs, and Lead Developers in the years to come. 

If the idea of building your career in Software development excites you, then Masai School is a place designed just for you.