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How Can a Master's Future-Proof Your Career?

Many people believe that obtaining a higher degree such as a master's will offer them more job security and more opportunities in the workforce. This theory is founded on the idea that higher education will give a person more marketable skills, advanced knowledge of their field, and improved credibility in the workplace.

This blog post looks at roles threatened and how obtaining a master's degree can future-proof your career. It discusses why you should consider getting a master's degree (as well as what to do if you are considering going back to school). It also discusses some of the pros and cons of attending graduate school, as well as some potential drawbacks.

How are jobs under threat?

You might ask yourself, "How did I get to a place where getting degrees is more important than ever?" Well, it's simple. The economy is changing. Certain jobs that have been around for decades are becoming obsolete.

It is thought that some unskilled labor jobs that have repetitive tasks involved in them may be under threat. It is thought that machines can pick up the work instead, to free up staff to complete more demanding tasks. While many might see this as a threat to their jobs, humans will still be needed to ensure that machines are completing tasks effectively and they should be given the opportunity to reskill in other areas. 

Jobs that involve little decision-making and require a large amount of processing time are also becoming threatened. These jobs may eventually be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machines.

Even some less-skilled jobs are becoming redundant due to this new technological revolution. When technology requires only minimal human input before automation takes place, jobs involving simple tasks can be done more efficiently by a machine than by a human being.

Consider the fact that robots can assemble cars, vacuum up floors and clean up in hotel rooms. They can even create detailed paintings, play chess, and make stock market trades. They are already capable of doing many things previously only expected of humans.

How the internet has changed studying

The internet has changed the way in which people live, work, and function as humans. It is a huge part of life. The internet has created new ways to learn and connect people from all areas of life. This is especially true for those who need to further their education.

Online schools offer several flexible online degrees in areas like engineering, psychology, technology, and more. Online classes also offer students the opportunity to work at home with little or no travel time. This means that an in-demand qualification like an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering could be completed while working full-time, taking care of children, or any other activities that might not allow someone to attend a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

How does a Master's Future Proof your Role?

By understanding how jobs are being threatened by technological advances it should start to become clearer how a good education can help you to keep ahead of the competition. Whether that is from other candidates of advances in technology.

Here are the top ways that a master's protects your career:

1) Career advancement

Not only will earning a master's improve your earnings potential, but it will also improve the chances of career advancement.

In fact, several recent studies show that receiving a master's leads to a 15-20% increase in salary. When it comes to changes in salary, there is a clear trend that shows that those people who obtain a master's are more likely to see their salaries increase over the next 5-10 years. In addition, many master's programs offer a path forward for more advanced professional qualifications.

2) Job Prospects

A master's degree opens up new job opportunities you might not have considered before. It provides you with ideas for careers that you may never have thought possible.

A master's degree can also give you more credibility and knowledge when it comes to marketing yourself and getting other jobs. If you are an experienced developer, getting a higher degree may be beneficial to your career because companies will see that you are dedicated to furthering your education. In turn, this may make them feel comfortable using your services or offering you a job.

3) Improved Networking Opportunities

Another benefit of getting a master's degree is the improved networking opportunities. If you are planning on getting a higher degree, you must take advantage of all the networking opportunities your school has to offer.

By attending events and building relationships with people at your school, you never know what doors may open in the future. In addition, networking allows you to expand your knowledge in your field and find out about new trends before they become common knowledge.

What You Have to Consider About School

It is normal for graduate schools to cost thousands of dollars a year. In fact, college can be very time-consuming and expensive, meaning that not everyone can afford to go to school full-time. Furthermore, if you are considering attending school full-time, it may be possible that your family and friends would have to pay for some of the costs of attending school. However, there are opportunities out there that can help to lower the cost of this. 

As mentioned earlier, though, earning a master's degree actually leads to higher earnings over the next 5-10 years. So, if you are considering attending graduate school full-time, your chances of getting a master's degree and then finding a job with higher wages should make up for the extra time and money spent on obtaining your degree.

If you are not getting involved in school activities, there may be very few networking opportunities available for you. You must make friends and contacts because these will help promote your career when the time comes. Part of networking involves you really putting the effort into succeeding with this, so make sure to remember this during your time. 

If you want to be at home while you study, then make sure to look for a course that you can complete at home, meaning you don't have to move away or spend time apart from your family. Study when your children do and it will work out for everyone. If your job does not provide you with benefits, such as paid vacation or sick days, do not let this deter you from getting a master's degree. Find a way to work around it. Taking online courses has been proven to be a very effective way of obtaining knowledge and skills when balancing family life, work, and other commitments.

You must always find a course that you like, and that interests you. You will be more likely to enjoy your studies if you choose a subject that suits your personality and interests. If you do not have a specific area of interest, then looking out for courses with flexible timetables may help with your other commitments.

Master's degrees seem to make perfect sense for those who are looking at furthering their education. In fact, such a degree could lead to an increase in salary, more job opportunities, and more career advancement. Look at earning one yourself.