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How To Exchange Bitcoins?

In case you are only getting into crypto trading, you might feel unsure about where to even get your first Bitcoins. When you need to obtain a foreign currency, you normally go to an exchange and trade your local money for it. With cryptos, it is necessary to use digital crypto exchanges. Cryptocurrencies exist on the blockchain, which is why the only place to get your BTC is to join an online Bitcoin exchange. On these trading platforms, you can exchange BTC for fiat currencies and other digital tokens as well.

Trading BTC on Crypto Exchanges

There are hundreds if not thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges out there. They all have certain differences and it is important to pick a trustworthy and accessible exchange first. It is advised to select exchanges like Emirex for beginners thanks to their user-friendliness. Here is how you can exchange Bitcoin on this platform:
  1. Register on the website – create a personal account to be able to start trading;
  2. Choose the necessary currency pair – whether you want to trade a certain currency for BTC or vice versa, you need to select the required pair to proceed with the deal;
  3. Pick the amount – specify the amount of currency you want to receive;
  4. Choose the payment option – select a banking solution from the list of available options. On this site it is possible to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money, which is why you can simply connect your bank account or e-wallet;
  5. Complete the transaction – pay for the currency and wait for it to be transferred to your account.
After receiving the necessary currency, you can transfer it to a crypto wallet for more security, or cash out your fiat currency if you wanted to exchange BTC for money. Picking exchanges that support traditional currencies is a way for beginners to obtain their first crypto.