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Airtel @ IMC: Leading the Forefront of Digital Transformation with 5G

Digital transformation is the bridge between the businesses and lives of today and the ones in the future. The technological advancements, especially around AI, IoT, Cloud, and Robotics are empowering this transformation and propelling the world towards a more seamlessly connected universe. The connected future will unfold new and incredible avenues for businesses to augment productivity and innovation. However, the truly connected universe will not be realized only by the existence of these avant-garde technologies but by nurturing an ecosystem that enables and empowers masses. Enter the world of 5G! A technology that holds the power to stimulate frontier technologies and enable them to facilitate futuristic connectivity.

Leading India’s 5G revolution, Airtel is at the forefront of delivering unmatched connectivity with a powerful network to support the country's digital-first economy. Airtel 5G’s presence at India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022, the technology festival in Asia, is an impressive exhibition of the power of 5G in combination with the existing technologies like AI, IoT, Cloud, AR/VR, and robotics to reimagine the possibilities of digital India. Throughout this 4-day event at IMC, Airtel 5G is showcasing the dynamic use of its 5G technology in various spheres of businesses and industries. Not to mention, significant partnerships that Airtel has entered into with a number of leading technology providers to join forces on this journey.

The high-speed and low latency of the Airtel 5G network is all set to transform the operations and processes across industries. Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, and Manufacturing, among other sectors, are the few to benefit the most from Airtel’s 5G revolution. 

Agriculture is the biggest sector of the Indian economy, but unfortunately is the most vulnerable ones impacted by old practices and dynamic factors. Airtel’s 5G technology can help implement best farming practices and assist farmers in making educated decisions about their crops and lands. Airtel has partnered with L&T to develop smart farming that will renew the Country’s agriculture scenario. Airtel 5G connectivity can connect lakhs of sensors simultaneously on the field, from which real-time data can be received and further processed to aid the success of crops and yield. 

In the realm of healthcare, Airtel’s 5G technology is bringing hospitals and doctors to the patients where they are. For instance, to curtail the increasing number of death in transit, Airtel has partnered with Apollo Hospitals and Cisco to provide the 5G Connected Ambulance to people. This revolutionary ambulance will provide ICU-like emergency care to patients by virtually connecting in-ambulance emergency care providers to the doctors. With Airtel 5G, instantaneous data transmission to the ambulances can help save lives during the golden hour.

Ambu Pod, the ‘Rural Mobile Clinic’ is another initiative by Airtel 5G that will virtually connect remote areas to immediate medical support through live doctor consultation. Rural areas in India lack the necessary and advanced medical facilities and services, due to which people residing there have to travel to far off to receive proper medical services in case of emergencies. Airtel’s 5G technology can help medical personnel virtually connect with people in remote areas through a mobile clinic. These ‘On-the-Go’ clinics are well-equipped with Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, and live cameras, bringing the hospital to the patient for quick medical support.

Further, with Airtel 5G, smart industrial solutions can be a reality in Indian manufacturing companies. Leveraging the power of the company’s 5G network, AI and Robotics can improve the standards of quality and safety in factories. It will also minimize the possibility of human errors during the production process and quality assessment, reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Airtel in partnership with Nokia has implemented ‘The Smart Factory’ module, which facilitates the automatic movement of materials between the warehouse and production floor.

What about the education sector? Is there a 5G edge to it? 

Yes, Airtel 5G understands the role of education in boosting the economy and is determined to revolutionize it. Airtel advocates for 5G-enabled VR technologies as the new way of learning, beginning right from primary education, where the basics are developed. Through immersive VR experiences, learning can become more interesting, creative, and interactive. And with Airtel’s high-speed 5G network, students can have real-time access to the basic information that they learn about, such as the stars, planets, and more.

These are some of the revolutionizing use cases that Airtel 5G is presenting at IMC 2022. Other areas where Airtel 5G technology will change the game are advertisement, gaming, mobility, workforce collaboration, disaster management, banking, and surveillance. Airtel 5G is also demonstrating Nxtra, the largest platform of data centers with 12 large and 120 edge data centers across the country, at IMC. Nxtra provides consumers and businesses with unparalleled reach and scalable infrastructure to match their digital consumption requirements. Airtel 5G’s & IBM’s secure Edge Cloud Services is another ground-breaking use case to watch out for at IMC 2022.

Airtel’s future-ready IoT use cases that accelerate businesses are another must-watch at IMC 2022. Designed to intensely simplify the digital transformation journey of enterprises, Airtel IoT has the capability to connect and manage billions of devices and applications in a highly secure and seamless fashion. Airtel IoT’s end-to-end solutions are best suited to address various business needs, be it asset tracking, smart metering, securing merchant payments, or revolutionizing e-bike’ functionalities. 

Witness Airtel 5G’s journey and know more about the revolution that will enable companies to unlock the next level of potential for businesses and lead India towards a digital-first country at IMC! 

If you are a business or an enterprise, aspiring to join this digital transformation journey and want to know more about Airtel’s 5G revolution, visit here