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Dell Technologies dives deeper into sustainability with EcoLoopᵀᴹ carrying cases

One of the most alarming facts is that there is an estimated 75 to 199 million tons of plastic waste currently in our oceans with 33 billion pounds of plastic entering every single year¹. This rising plastic pollution in the ocean is causing serious harm to marine life and jeopardizing the delicate balance of our ecosystem. In fact, the amount of plastic in the ocean may soon outnumber fish. And there could be a time when a majority of marine life may become extinct. If this does not shake our consciousness, what will?

Technology forerunner, Dell Technologies, has found a way to eliminate such dire straits! 

A sustainable innovation to reduce plastic in our oceans is Dell Technologies’ EcoLoopᵀᴹ portfolio of carrying cases. The Dell EcoLoopᵀᴹ reflects Dell Technologies’ conscious effort to accelerate sustainability. The carrying cases are designed with reclaimed materials and an earth-friendly solution dyeing process. 

Dell Technologies claims that the dyeing process is quite unique, and it helps in reducing 90% less water waste, 62% less CO2 emission, and 29% less energy usage². This makes it an eco-friendly option for users too. 

Moreover, by leveraging post-consumer recycled PET (rPET) to design these carrying cases, the technology company is also reducing its dependence on new materials that are made from fossil fuels. This is an innovative way to introduce solutions with a minimal footprint.

Turning Tide for Good with EcoLoopᵀᴹ – a sustainable way to stay productive anywhere

An inspiring video by Dell Technologies features the journey of the carrying cases. The film brilliantly narrates the making of eco-friendly carrying cases, starting from procuring the ocean-bound plastics, the manufacturing process, and the outcome. 

Making the video all the more alluring is the CIO who recounts his underwater experience and elucidates how we are all connected to the planet. It’s inspiring to watch how plastic waste can be transformed into something so useful. 

Watch the full video, to discover how Dell Technologies is #TurningTidesForGood!

Adding to the capabilities of these cases are the excellent features and functionality. The cases are available in a variety of sizes and colours for a variety of devices, including laptops and tablets with built-in dedicated compartments. The cases are made of high-quality materials that provide superior protection to the devices. And without any doubt, users can carry their workspace anywhere with peace of mind while staying eco-conscious.

Dell Technologies has put forward a creative and innovative way to mitigate plastic pollution. If organizations follow similar paths and define new ways to bridge the climate crisis, we will surely have a future that is greener and more sustainable.