Rocket VPN : Simple, Effective.Mobile & Fast VPN

The world has never been secure, be it the dark gloomy roads or smoky mountains or the Wi-Fi to which we connect to. We must take our precautions while connecting to the Internet and use VPN to surf anonymously and securely.

Rocket VPN is one such app that allows users to connect to VPN, meanwhile assuring the security and maintaining anonymity. The data on the phone will be encrypted while content can be accessed masking current location.
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Hexlock : Smart & Innovative Locker for Your Android Device

We have lockers and vaults in place for our important stuff, money, gold, papers; but what about the information that our phone carries? Well, there have been many lockers developed by app developers which aim at securing data, images, messages, etc. We stumbled upon one such app over the internet and after using it, we couldn’t stop the urge to blog about it.

We are talking about HexLock by Liquidium which has over a million downloads and is currently editor’s choice over Play Store. Let’s see why we loved it!

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Salesforce Data Loader: Some Great Options

Getting data in and out from Salesforce is one of the biggest issues for Salesforce administrators. However, recognizing the critical nature of the job, Salesforce makes available a number of data loaders that can be used in different ways to upload the data and export it to the required environment.

Some of the best data loaders are:

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Coolpad Mega 2.5D : Features, Review & More

After tasting market success with it's earlier devices, Coolpad has launch another marvel smartphone in India, which is tagged as Coolpad Mega 2.5D. The phone is manufactured keeping present generation in picture and hence has an 8 MP selfie camera which is the main selling point of the device. We got our hand on this smartphone and found it quite appealing.

Let us see how the Coolpad Mega 2.5D will compete with other phones in the market and what surprises it has in store for us.
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Three SEO Tips That Can Elevate Your Instagram Presence

In just five years Instagram has a base of over 500 million monthly active users that are uploading more than 80 million photos per day, which are generating 3.5 billion likes per day. This has been largely due to the explosive growth of smartphones, for which Instagram has been designed, to take advantage of the click and upload feature.

Naturally, the popularity of Instagram has caught the attention of smart businesses that were so far only active on Facebook and Twitter, and today it is rare to find a business that does not have an Instagram presence. However, the issue of attracting followers remains as problematic as ever and businesses are hard pressed to think of ways to attract customers. Since mere creativity will not do, marketers need to devise an Instagram strategy that will help them to achieve their objectives faster.This is where SEO plays a vital part. Some tips:

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