Apple iPhone 6 16GB, Now Available at Discounted Price

With the increasing number of smartphones releasing new models, there is a rage of new flagship device with the high end features as well. iPhone 6 is the latest buzz for all the Apple lovers. The much high priced device is now available for Rs. 50000.

iPhone 6 have been launched in September and is capable for competing with its Android rivals.
iPhone’s larger body and rounded edges make the handset more slim and thin. iPhone fits easily in a palm.

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Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone, iPad & iPod

Smart phones are not just a trend these days, they are our necessity. As we breathe air to stay alive similarly we need smartphones to stay socially alive. The speed with which newer versions of upgraded and improved iDevices are coming, with the same speed we are upgrading to newer versions. But have you thought how much your business and social life would be affected if you lose your iPhone data? From contacts, to music, to files, everything is of equal importance. People do keep on loosing data accidently by themselves or other unseen reasons. In this post, I am writing about Coolmuster, it is one such application which restores your lost data and recover it to your iDevice.

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Smartphone Battery Dying ? Find Charging Stations with Ease

It takes only a little serious pondering over a matter to get an incredible idea. Trivial things that are overseen which if looked as a problem will demand a resolution and will help millions and create histories. Same route has been taken by Iigo Electronics as they have launched "Charge my phone" to assist millions by locating the nearest charging station from your location.

Iigo electronics is a 12 year old company which was formed in the year 2003, it is based out of Glasgow and is a retailer of consumer electronic devices. At present, it is the amongst largest online provider of cordless phones in UK.

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How has Technology Changed ? [InfoGraphic]

The past 60 years has seen some of the most tremendous and innovative changes in household technology. From the birth of the humble radio, to the revolution of CDs in the 1980s, every decade has been transformed by technological modernisation. And since the 2000s, this dedication to excellence has only grown year on year - as seen in the widespread availability of smartphones and tablets.

In recent years, some of the most groundbreaking advancements have come in the form of wearable technology - like watches, glasses, and other clothing items. Hardware is now more personalised than ever before, offering users the opportunity to enjoy media and social interaction on an unprecedented scale. There’s no indication of things slowing down anytime soon either.

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Insight to Nanography


What Is Nanography?

In a world filled with products and services, one way to stand out among the crowd is to create an inviting brand for your business. Your brand can come in the form of interesting packaging, print ads, and newspaper ads that can help boost your sales and increase your market. There are a number of ways that you can have your products printed with interesting illustrations and graphics, but the latest technology that innovates the printing process is Landa’s Nanography.

Introduced in 2012, nanography is a water-based, indirect digital printing process that relies on nanotechnology, the science of ultra-small particles. One nanometer is one billionths of a meter, giving you an idea about the miniscule nature of this printing technology. Nanography allows businesses to do digital printing in short amount of time, reducing wastes and costs that could otherwise be used in other aspects of the business.
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