Top 7 Free Android Apps For Job Seekers

The era of newspapers with job offers is gone away. Today, everyone is looking for new career opportunities using websites or application that can be installed directly on the smartphone. Websites are great, especially if you have direct access to them and have enough time to check them for new vacancies. However, most of us are too busy to do that, thus we need something less time consuming and more effective. Just like the apps.

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BlockChain : Developer's Guide & Use Cases

Living in the digital era, we are quite sure you would have heard the term "Blockchain", majorly due to the rise of cryptocurrencies. If not, you might be missing the next big thing in the technology market. It is the methodology that will redefine the way transactions happen today. Let’s have a deeper look into the enormous potential it has, how it might directly impact us, the technology behind this solution and the future.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain, in its most basic form, is a general ledger. It contains the information of financial transactions performed by an organization over its lifetime. So, if a unit is purchased, or loaned or taken on lease, such financial transactions are recorded in the general ledger, i.e the blockchain.
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Metal Detection Systems for the Seafood Industry

The Canadian fish and seafood industry is one of the country’s largest food export sectors. Lobster, crab, salmon and shrimp are some of the country’s biggest exports, and a surge in aquaculture has resulted in record industry highs in recent years. Aquaculture’s popularity is not limited to Canada - this global phenomenon has led to an increase in seafood production in recent years as population growth, increased per capita consumption and rising income levels in countries such as China drive growing demand for seafood.

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Tools and Gadgets to Get Your Term Paper Done

A term paper is a type of research essay that students have to write at the end of a term. It accounts for a great part of your final grade at the end of the semester. In a term paper, students have to argue a point, describe an event or a concept over several pages. The term paper has to be an original work on a given topic, and its purpose is to evaluate the student's knowledge and ability to do research and to use the information he/she finds. Such a paper requires technical writing expertise and a lot of research.

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5 Best Practices for Creating Strong Channel Partner Relationships

Simply signing a memorandum of agreement between you and a new channel partner is not enough for your sales program to succeed. Like relationships between two individuals, this kind of partnership also requires time and care to grow. That said, the way to enrich channel partnerships are quite different from an interpersonal relationship.

To help set you on the right track, here are five best practices for forming strong channel partner relationships:

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