The Rise of the Selfie Stick as a Photographic Tool

A Camera? Or a Phone? These two have been slowly converging to one, at least for informal photography. Even if we remember our last celebration, a holiday or an outing with old friends we always had our cellphones handy, clicked pictures and posted them on Facebook, Instagram or Google Plus. With the advancement of smartphones, the usage of camera have become easiest one, phone has emerged out of its normal functions of texting and calling.

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Top 5 Smartphones under Rs. 10000

Buyers who wish to buy budget mobiles with all possible hardware and software features, should buy these recently launched low cost devices. These budget devices from brands like Micromax, Samsung and Xiaomi would give you good performance and features without burning a hole in you pocket.

Here is the rundown of best devices you can buy for less than Rs. 10000 :

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G (Rs. 9999)

Xiaomi has been ruling the hearts of the Indian buyers with its low cost high-end smartphones. You can grab this device in 2 variants, one in 3G dual SIM and other in 4G for Rs. 9999.

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Guide to Selfie Sticks & Which One to Buy

Selfie’s are the latest fab and there are “people” as well “products” supporting it to become a trend. Referring to “people”, I mean the one’s in crowd or lone travellers who do not bother giving camera to others to take to take their single or group pictures.Well, by mentioning “products” I mean Selfie sticks.

What is a Selfie Stick?

Selfie stick is an arm length long stick with a holder at one end to hold your phone or a camera and other is a handle with which you can hold the stick. A little history about Selfie sticks tells us they were primarily used by sportsmen and thereafter they got popular in East and Southeast Asia. Google Trend data shows the early adopters of Selfie Sticks were Indonesians, Malaysians and the population of Philippines while this was followed by South Korea and Japan and now slowly becoming a global trend. So, Selfie is a tripod with just one leg also known as a monopod.
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What is the IT Skill Gap ? [Info-Graphic]

IT has been expanding irrespective of whether there is a slump or upward swing in the economy. However, the skill force required to meet the rising demands of the IT industry is not sufficient at the present nor is the situation expected to change drastically in the coming years. This case is especially true for the US market. The result is that vast number of projects are lost, stalled, or postponed to later dates in the hope that the skills needed for the jobs will be found. A vast majority of people interviewed in the IT sector in the US conceded that they don’t have the skill sets required to perform a certain task or to manage a project, or supervise a team that is handling a project.

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How to Sell Old Phone for New One

Bored of your old cellphone? Or the latest one’s features, looks or even price is luring you to get a new one? Well, if that is the case have you thought of what will happen to your old handset once the new one joins the family? There is another idea, why don’t you trade the old handset with the new one?

In this post I will highlight about some varied ideas of how to exchange your old phone, which can be archaic, broken or even cracked with something substantial. These tricks will apply to even big ticket electronics like digital cameras, laptops, tablets, PC’s etc.

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