Visitor Management System : An Introduction

Everyone wants to have a secure house or business place and for that go for security measures like wake through gates, CCTV camera and other intrusion detection methods. Visitor management system is the latest development is this field. The last decade has seen a huge boost in the usage of visitor management system. However, the important thing to consider is that whether the cost of the system complies with the extent of the security you need for your house. The answer is definitely no for most of the users, that is why VMS is mostly used by factories, hospitals, shopping malls, parks etc.

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Coolpad Teases a New Flagship Device

There will be something new in town soon. What is it? It’s a beast among the best as per Coolpad. Strong, sturdy and every ready, it is Coolpad’s new mega creation that will be soon hitting the technology streets with its uniqueness and looks.

The lustrous design of this phone, hinted by streaks of metallic gold and black is the sheer brilliance of design. Will there be more colors of the new model? Will it be metallic pink or silver or grey or something novel? All the mystery is yet to be resolved.
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Apps – That Will Change Your Writing Style

As it is said, there is always the scope for improvement. So, what you can do to improve your writing skill? Writing is like exercising, the more you do, the more you get effects of it. To improve and make your writing practice easy, you can take help of any of these amazing apps.

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iOS 10 : Top 10 Extraordinary Features

iPhone 7 has been launched on 7 September 2016 and after the launch of this most awaited smartphone of the year, Apple has also released the next generation of iOS mobile operating system “iOS 10”. You can download the iOS 10 & update your Apple devices with this new version of the iOS operating system.

iOS 10 offers various great features such as redesigned lock screen with 3D touch-enabled notifications, a more easily accessible camera and a new widget screen.

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Technology is Evolving Executive MBA Programs

Technology is helping in every aspect of our life, from remembering birthdays to learning a new subject. For students, technology has provided a different aspect of learning methods, a flexibility to attend classes on their schedule while accessing self-growth in an organized structure. For teachers, technology has made the teaching methodology to go beyond conventional text-based learning methods. Engaging students in a meaningful way, technology has presented us with versatile learning tools that have changed the way of demonstrating concepts, assigning projects, correcting exam papers or accessing a student’s progress.
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