Quick for Quikr : My Experience of Buying TV

"Quick for Quikr", this is what I have realized while searching a television set for my new home. I have recently moved to the city of Nawabs, Hyderabad. “Things are pretty tough for people for the first six months when they move into a new city” and I concur this statement, completely.

I had already spent a whole lot of money on the broker to get me an apartment and the apartment itself, with choice of direction, balcony , society etc. With so many restrictions at hand I was unable to get a fully furnished home, so I decided to move around the city and get my self a cozy sofa, decent bed, kitchen etc. etc. This might sound easy but let me tell you it tore off my shoes.

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[InfoGraphic] The CellPhone Chargers Battle

Let the chargers battle begin, with this Infographic showing the evolution of cellphone chargers in time, with various capacities, upgrades and new approaches in what is defined as charging technology. From large bricks of plastic and substances, to mini chargers and fast chargers that only take 30 seconds to fill your mobile phone with power, see what the future and the present altogether made of the technology of the past, in terms of charging. Everyone is bragging about what the evolutionary leap of science brought. We took this chance to show a particular chapter of it and a quite meaningful one, as it highlights a paradox. If the past gave us chargers that were basically impossible to be carried around, they came with a super charging, long lasting capacity. Now we have these lightweight devices that feel natural to be carried around but don’t last in battery power. Is this the consequence of consumerism or the high price we need to pay for evolution? Well, this is an answer we all need to find out for ourselves but first of all be invited to check out our professionally crafted infographic that displays some precious information we all must know if we want to benefit from a device that won’t leave us on battery power. Moreover, this infographic shows the future perspectives when it comes to technology, chargers and battery power, as rumor has it that fashion and technology are preparing themselves for a great merger.

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What Difference will you Experience with 4G as Opposed to 3G

When 3G first came into existence it made use of smart phone technology a possibility for the majority of people. Obviously this was something which was seen as a great development. But now 4G has surpassed its predecessor in the improved service it provides.

So is it a good idea to invest in a 4G compatible phone? That is going to depend on what you actually use your phone for and where you live or travel to. There are
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[InfoGraphic] Technology Revolutionizing Student Learning

Technology has spread its wings in almost every sector, it has created value in every possible stream be it commerce, transportation, finance or any other. Education is one such dimension for which technology has still a great deal of value to impart to. Since the usage of smartphones and tablets has been increased, application developers are being at the zenith of their creativity to develop educational apps.

IT Solutions and Services impart a greater significance to education industry in enhancing its efficiency, affordability and convenience. With the use of Smartphones, tablets and laptops the impact of technology on education has been manifold. Smart classes, web conference, online classrooms, e-learning processes have completely transformed how education was pursued.

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Home Security Camera with Zero Downtime: link-U Hybrid SmartCam

Webcams are amongst the few ways that makes your home feel safe while you are away. You can monitor your home irrespective from whichever part of the world you are. You can have a look at your kids while you are at workplace or have a tap at your place while partying late night. But have you gave it a thought or maybe come across an incident “what to do when the internet connectivity is lost?”
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