Building an App from the User’s Point of View: The Essentials of UX Design

Within the retail industry, there is the old adage of "The customer is always right." When this comes to the field of technology and mobile applications, the phrase could be reworked to "User experience is king."

Designing a mobile application covers a multitude of facets and can be daunting, but two facets to keep firmly in mind are making sure the design is intuitive and useful. You could spend hours in development, tweaking and changing the interface, but often the designer is too close to the project to see the interface from the user’s point of view, and by keeping the design intuitive and keeping the customer journey flowing, it allows a more pleasant experience to use.

On the flip side, the app itself needs to be able to provide a useful service, whether that is functionality or enjoyment within the gaming arena, for example. This fluidity is key to a successful app, and being able to distinguish between your own standpoint as the creator and place yourself into the mind of the end user has never been more important. While the “three clicks to anywhere” rule may seem outdated, the principle still stands strong regardless of the medium you are creating. Being able to navigate cleanly and clearly around a user interface and having the options visible in a flowing manner will increase the usefulness of any application.

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Top Challenges Facing Web Designers in 2015

Web designers always face new challenges because of the ever-evolving industry that they work in. But what are the challenges and obstacles that designers are facing in 2015? Continue reading to learn about a few of them.

Having to Always Find New Customers

Finding your first client is hard enough, but constantly having to
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Best Streaming Video Services

Gone are the days of purchasing expensive discs to watch your favourite movie or a TV show. Online streaming has created a revolution in terms of watching video content. From sports to news, to movies to series, on a smart TV or even a smart phone, everything is available at your own leisurely expense.

Although, YouTube is the most popular video streaming website, there is a wide variety of websites available on the World Wide Web. We, at have broken down the six best web streaming services you can opt for depending on the genre and price range of your choice.
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What is Teen Emotional Drain? How Parental Monitoring App can Help?

The social media sites are all full of all kinds of happy and sad news: news of engagements, weddings, relationships, breakups, births, deaths, job gains, and a lot more which make your teens feel a little overwhelmed. Continuous updates from their friends and acquaintances can make your children feel self-conscious.

On social media, everyone wants to look happy. Pictures of their vacation, crazy hangout, and great bikini bodies can really take toll on your child’s emotional balance. Extensively using social media can stir up many different emotions in your teens which could negatively affect their personalities. And so parents, today, more than ever, need to mitigate this emotional stress with smart parental monitoring and letting them know that they’re doing just fine!
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Technological Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in the Home

Everybody wants smaller energy bills, don't they? The good news is that with cutting edge technology, less expensive bills can become reality. Now there are new ways householders can monitor and control the use of that pricey commodity, energy.

Clever lighting

Do you have smaller household bills in your sights? Then start by switching to LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulb use around the home to instantly shave money off bills. LED light bulbs are thermally efficient and illuminate just as effectively, but with a fraction of the energy use. They are a little pricier to buy at first, but once the electricity bills start hitting the mailbox, you'll know it was worthwhile. Save even more by combining LED lighting with sensor technology that automatically triggers only when rooms are occupied.

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