DDoS Response Plan : Why Business Needs it and Setting Up

People always have the best of intentions when it comes to being prepared. And yet, those intentions somehow aren’t always in line with preparedness. In fact, they often backfire and leave us in desperate circumstances: standing in four inches of water in the basement because those sandbags never quite got stacked right, spending a camping trip sleeping in a van with the heat cranked up instead of a tent because nobody brought enough warm clothes, and paying a 400% mark-up on first-aid items at the corner store at two in the morning.
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Tablets, Smartphones & More : EverBuying

The Internet has become a popular resource for people to find great deals on today’s popular products available from the leading manufacturers. So finding the best website that has what you’re looking for can be a bit tricky. We came across Everbuying.net when looking for low price tablet.

Everbuying.net is described as a china wholesale shopping website that offers factory direct pricing to a global marketplace. They specialize in offering today’s most popular electronics including the most popular Android smartphones from the leading handset makers on the market. They also have Android tablets, Apple and smartphone accessories, computers and so much more.

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Reduce Time Card Fraud with Biometric Timeclocks

Many companies have moved away from traditional “punch in” clocks because of their limitations. A major problem is that it’s easy for employees to have a co-worker clock in or out for them and commit fraud. Unless there is a supervisor monitoring the time clock or a surveillance camera watching the area, it is very difficult to detect this type of fraudulent activity. The result can be significant lost wages and production.

Employers a combating employee time card fraud by implementing biometric clocks which rely on a person’s unique physical characteristics rather than a code or a card. This makes it almost impossible for an employee to cheat the system.

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6 Benefits of Using Tablets in WorkSpace

As more people find that they enjoy using tablets as well as laptops and smartphones, businesses may need to start bringing the mobile devices into the workplace. Using tablets in the workplace offers several advantages that can help small businesses thrive. Consider how these six benefits would change your small business.

Save Money by Using Mobile Payment Options

Companies like PayPal, Square, and Intuit have developed credit card readers that plug directly into tablet headphone jacks. Small businesses no longer need to worry about buying or renting independent credit card readers that take up a lot of space. Instead, they just run credit cards through their tablet swipers.

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BlogDash : Platform for Bloggers

There are millions of products and highly differentiating innovations that companies are coming up, but the key metric that sets them apart from their competitors is a unique marketing strategy. For social media marketing, the marketers are largely connecting with bloggers. But again, the question arises, which bloggers will target our market? BlogDash is a one stop solution for that, it gives marketers and PR professionals an easier way to connect to right bloggers.

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