New Product and New Hope from Apple

Many people have been skeptical about how Apple will be able to survive after the genius behind all innovation from this company, Steve Jobs, passed away. However, they prove that they are still one of the strongest contenders in Smartphone industry by launching their new product, iPhone 6. This new product is also known as the big iPhone, because the size is larger than its previous series. But, the change isn’t only on the size. Apple also adds many feature and upgraded specification, which make its performance at top level and this is what all iPhone fans waiting for.

This Smartphone will be available on October. However, Apple has received the preorder for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this month. By looking at the previous series launching in 2012, which sold for 2 million units in just 24 hours, this new product will have same effect as its previous series. The 2 year long of development of new product from Apple has become great strategy to attract more attention from the market for this new product. The fans also become more curious with this new product, because previously, Apple usually launch their new iPhone every year. Because of this factor, many fans have put their hope on this new product for its surprise and new feature.

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Watch Apple iPhone Event even on Windows & Linux Platforms: Tutorial

Apple is ready to show the world the next iPhone — and maybe a little something more. At an event in Cupertino, California on September 9, the technology giant will lift the lid on what is expected to be one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. Apple’s iPhone event where it is widely expected to unveil the hotly anticipated iPhone 6, and long rumored “iWatch” wearable starts in just few hours from now.

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Guide to Purchase Quality Equipment for Scientists

In order for a scientist to produce the best results, he must use superior quality instruments to do his work. His equipment must be durable and set him apart from all of his competitors in his respective field. In order to make certain that the scientist does not end up making a purchase that will lead to disappointment, he needs to speak with his colleagues, conduct an Internet search and ask questions of companies before doing business with them.

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Apps for Your Small Business

Your office is in the weeds. The receptionist is sick. The bookkeeper's cell phone is busy. The employees want your immediate attention on all 12 projects, and it's only Monday.
Your hope for success sinks. You need better organization. You need new technology. Most of all, you need to save money to make your dream, your small business, work. The best solution is on your smart phone. But where should you begin? Check out the more than 100 billions apps sold in 2013. You want the right ones minus hours of navigation. Take a look at the best mobile apps for the small business.
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Android Apps You Will Not Want to Be Without

Is anyone else tired of all the talk about how iOS is the platform that gets all the innovative, useful business and personal finance apps first and only, or is it just me? If you listen to the iPhone crowd, the only app advantage Android has is a near monopoly on malware.

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