Logo Design Tools That Beginners Can Use Right Now

Logos will visually represent the business’ identity. That is why it is a huge part of the branding strategy. Creative art will make a brand really easy to identify and every single time it is important that the design is done properly. Logos have to be professionally created in order to make a brand look great in the eyes of the consumer.

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Future of Indian E/M-Commerce: Behavior Pattern Based Strategies

India’s e-commerce and m-commerce has been a success story worth looking at over and over again. The industry that had remained stagnant and produced consistently uninspiring results for so many years, picked up pace in a way that couldn’t be predicted by the best of analysts. With current fast paced competition in the industry on every aspect from pricing and product availability to delivery times and user friendliness, there is a serious need for online retailers to innovate in order to stand out.
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Technology Changing the Business Education Pedagogy

In past few years, we have seen students taking detour in education and planning to pursue management studies. An exponential growth in online offerings is amongst major factors that lead to higher management education. Post-graduation has now extended beyond the closed walls of a lecture theatre. Professors from various universities are collaborating collectively to deliver the best of knowledge to students while technology is helping to maintain a healthier student-teacher relationship.

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ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser : Review & Smash Test

ZenFone, a range by Asus, is doing incredible in the smartphone market. The different versions comprises commendable specs including different resolutions, RAM, chipsets, storage capacities, and camera resolutions etc, to equip a perfect smartphone. Assessing the popularity of Zenfone 2, Asus has launched its version, Zenfone 2 Laser. So let’s get buckled up to see what this Pandora ’s Box has to offer us.

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[InfoGraphic] Which Programming Language Should You Learn?

Knowing a programming language can be a great asset in your basket of competencies. In order to enhance career prospects, develop an app in leisure time or to implement your idea, to “code” is a vital ingredient of everything.
The basic repository we seek for any advice regarding coding lies in minds of our developer friends, professors or blog posts. For an entry level coder, it might be confusing to locate the point of ignition and hence any form of external help is of great use. But, the most important question is, if you are looking for a career start in 2016, which programming language will be the trend setter?

Let us have a look at the job trends.
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