Samsung Galaxy S6 - What to Expect ?

Samsung's S series has been bread and butter of the Tech-Giant and has made it a major player in Smartphone market. Samsung brings new innovative technology with each iteration of it's S series. Since the arrival of Galaxy S4 in the market, a lot of hype and buzz surrounded its successor, the Galaxy S5. This time, the hype is around the Galaxy S6 as Samsung is yet to launch any great devices that can take the mantle of its
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Unique Business Phone Solution is an all-in-one customizable business phone solution. Its flexible and feature-rich platform allows companies to customize a phone experience suitable to the needs of their clients. Even though small businesses can get great use from these types of business solutions, large businesses can also consider a
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Tips for Link Management for Webmasters

Keeping your website ranking on top is the main aim of every website owner. It ensures that traffic is driven to your site and you get higher click through rates. If however, you notice a sudden drop in your rankings or you find a message from Google regarding an unnatural link then you should be aware that your website is not compliant with Google’s updates. You could be hit by a bad link penalty which is the worst case scenario for any website owner. This requires urgent attention from bad
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Is the Biggest Change Working for Apple ?

There was a phase for Apple where something was “missing out”, and to find this something it had to come up with a new feature which they never wanted to come to maintain their stagnant standard. Then what made them change this decision?

For Apple the market was considerate enough, and a stagnant iPhone 6 lover market. But this was never a plan- to remain monotonous, and to change this Apple had to come with the newbie concept of Bigger is better in the right hands. But was there a need to go for a bigger screen size for Apple? Here are some points which can surely tell whether a bigger screen size will help to increase the market for Apple or not.
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Server monitoring is Critical for your Business

Every day you get up and go to work in the IT department, confident you are ready for anything and everything. As a systems or server administrator you know how important it is that you continually monitor the servers that you and the business rely on every day. These servers support the mission critical applications that are the engine of the business and if they fail it isn’t going to be a good day for you. For now though let’s set aside the applications and focus on what you need to be watching to avoid this unpleasant outcome.

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