IBM Watson Conversations: Building AI Chat Bots with Ease

We have all heard, if not aware of IBM’s cognitive system, Watson. It enables a link between people and computers enabling them to partner mutually. In order to strengthen this symbiotic relationship between human and a computer, IBM has come up with Watson Conversations. This application helps to deploy messaging platform on any device by using natural language algorithms.

The best part about this app is, one need not be conversant in technology but few simple clicks can build, test and deploy bots across messaging platforms, physical robots or even mobile devices.

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Important Typography Principles That Every Web Designer Should Take Into Account

While there are many factors involved in successful website design, typography is one of the most important because much of the design does involve text. Not only does typography ensure that the text is readable but also helps in generating a visual hierarchy that’s vital for proper communication. While just about any typeface can be chosen for the purpose or reading on the site, however, it is only with the selection of the right one that you lend character and context to the site. The choice of the wrong typeface can easily distract the user or drive them away instead of helping you to communicate better.

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5 Reasons Why Keyword Research is Important for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Do you own a website, an online store or a blog? How is that site ranked on search engine result pages? To get high ranking on search engine result pages, your site must be well optimized. The main search engine optimization element is the use of niche-specific and authoritative keywords.

If you aren't well-versed with content marketing, you may need a professional’s help. However, you should learn what it’s all about. Online research will put more emphasis on having the right online marketing tools and this includes the best keyword research. Keyword research is the best strategy to help you find the right keywords from your niche in relation to its relevance, appropriateness, and competitiveness.

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To Delegate or To Keep : CIO Dilemma

The ubiquitous computing environment of smart devices and cloud services makes a chief information officer, or CIO, a key position at most companies these days. However, with a position that covers as much ground as being the person in charge of information technology, it’s often tough to figure out what responsibilities can be delegated and which need a personal touch. Here is a guide to some of the bigger duties.

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4 Tips on How to Grow Your Network

We humans depend heavily on constant communication and strong social bonds in order to survive. Thus, it never hurts to try and find new connections whenever possible. However, there are some who find it hard to make friends with other people. If you don't know where to start, either, read on as we give you a primer on ways you can network and make new friends.

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