Samsung Releases Brand-less Smartphone in Japan

In Japan, the Galaxy Note 7 was released without Samsung’s signature branding on the front or back of the device. This is the second time that the South Korean tech company has omitted its branding in Japan — The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge also did not have the Samsung logo. The brandless phone was Samsung’s way of trying to increase its share of the difficult Japanese market.

However, the company still hasn’t seen much success in selling its phones in Japan. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Japan and why Samsung is not popular in that country.
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How To Stay In Line With Google’s Publisher Policies

Creating a web page that the Google search engine will consistently rate high on its web results is less art than science, but keeping up with the irregular but frequent updates to Google’s policies can send SEO consultants and web designers to either the pub or the psychiatrist as they try to keep up. It’s not intentional, of course, but Google constantly updates their Google algorithm to give their customers the best and most accurate search they can.

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Free Yet Highly Functional Top Android Apps

There are plenty of fantastic apps in the Google Play store that you can download to your Android device. And the best thing is that many of them are completely free.

If you want to use some of the best apps right now on your smartphone, here is a selection of apps that are completely free to use.

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5 Most Popular Programming Languages For App Development

With the tremendous proliferation of smartphones in the last a few years, it has been analyzed that the number of smartphone sale will keep on touching new heights in the time to come. Such tremendous growth has paved the path for mobile app development for smartphones that are now playing a crucial role in each facet of life.

Developers create apps using programming languages and they are several in number. These languages are widely-accepted for being highly flexible, feature-rich, easy to write, etc. Apps built on these languages carry the power to change the way businesses function.
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10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Resume in 5 Minutes

A resume is someone’s reflection in a single page. That one page ought to contain a person’s story of achievements, accolades and job profile such that a recruiter can fetch the exact words they want in a professional.

Creating and editing the resume is very crucial as, a professional, need to figure out the keywords that a recruiter is looking for. The resume must be customized in a way that will help recruiter differ you from thousands of applications.

Let us have a quick look at those 15 important tips that all of us must follow in a time-constrained situation.
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