[GiveAway] Win a OnePlus 2 Mobile

TechQuark.com is back with another giveaway and this time it is a 'OnePlus 2'

Today is D Day. Or should we call it One Day? After getting huge response towards the giveaways, we hosted earlier, it's time to have another giveaway, and this time it's OnePlus 2. Yes, you heard it right, we are giving away a brand new unlocked OnePlus 2 to one of our lucky reader.

'OnePlus 2' is a powerful flagship device by OnePlus, that is all set to change and revolutionize 'again', the way you see smartphones and use them in daily life. It is not simply smart, it is technology that changes lives. Get prepared, participate, and fight to win this smartphone.
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Top 3 Features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

While Apple continues to make small, incremental advances to the iPhone with every release, Samsung has shown itself to be much more willing to experiment with its flagship line of Galaxy phones. It’s a bold move that is earning the phone a dedicated following.

Samsung's newest iteration fixes some of the potholes from the Galaxy’s past and dares to look into the future of the cellphone industry. The following are the top three features to look for in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:
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Remote TV Stand Rotation with Linear Actuators

Modern technology offer users numerous applications. Users use technology to customize solutions for their daily needs. However, given the cost restrictions associated with modern technology, few users can afford high end electronic toys to ease their daily lives. However, this has not stopped users from building custom made solutions for their problems. One of the most common examples is home furniture and design. Technology offers users a unique opportunity to effectively utilize living space in their homes and offices. This is important as consumers will be able to design and plan for the space available. Few technologies offer users the customizability that may need.

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From Hamburgers to Houses – How is 3D printing possible? [Info-Graphic]

More and more we are hearing about 3D printing and about how this method is becoming prominent in a whole variety of industries. From aerospace and apparel to food and housing, but what exactly is 3D printing, how does it work and what is it being used for? We’ve got the answers in the following interactive infographic.

‘From Hamburgers to Houses – How is 3D Printing Possible?’ sets about dispelling any confusion surrounding 3D printing and in the process looks how far 3D printing has come since its inception. Can 3D printing solve the issue of affordable housing? Is 3D printing a sustainable method for construction? Does 3D printing spell the end to traditional construction methods? Scroll to find out.

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Five Ways The Internet Changed Technology

The internet has changed the globe forever. It has connected the world in ways that seemed impossible just a few decades ago. But the internet has done more than connect the world. It has be a driving force of technological advancement.

Advancements in the tech world have been pushed to new levels as all things digital struggle to become "smart". What are "smart" devices? The easy answer, devices that can connect to the internet. The internet has made sure our devices and gadgets are not just smart, they're genius, unbelievable, and only getting stronger.

Here are 6 ways that the internet has changed the way we look at, and interact with technology:
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