Bayangtoys X16 : Big Cheap Brushless Camera Drone

Technology has started to be seen floating all around us and best example is a drone! Technically, 2015 was the year of headless mode drones but 2016 goes to “altitude hold” mode. These new drones have arrived in the market and amongst the few good ones we have Bayangtoys X16. It has high hold mode, brushless motor, 2MP camera and much more. To know more about it, keep your shoes on and linger on this blog.

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Audials One: Music & Video Downloading Made Easier

In today’s world with easy access to the internet at any place and anytime of the day or night, the world of entertainment has really opened to us. Videos, movies, songs, e-books and any other means of entertainment can be accessed anywhere, all you need is a gadget that supports these files and a working internet connection.

Despite there being so much entertainment available on the Internet most of it is for watching only. Downloading it without paying for it is termed as piracy and is illegal. So while you have access to songs and videos 24/7, you cannot legally download most of them.

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Why Kids should Learn Programming ?

Change is a necessity in every domain, so is in education. A continual improvement of curriculum pertaining to present dynamics is indispensable for development of our future generation. This digital era is made of codes! Hence, computer programming a.k.a. coding is no more a “geek” culture, it should be imbibed in our younger generation. Looking at a bigger perspective we can feel that coding is taking an extraordinary level of prominence.

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Ever thought of a global presence of your business? Selling products to online buyers in an international marketplace is a strategy that every small and medium business wants to adopt. But the question arises from where to start?

Let's talk about, a cloud based social commerce platform and free online marketplace which aims at helping small business owners and micro companies to connect with the world.
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ACE - Making Task Management Easy & Effective for Teams

With the amount of available information data growing exponentially, the problem of managing information becomes more difficult within teams. The cost of managing available information for effective communication is proving to be extremely expensive. More and more people are hired to manage information efficiently. Can team communication be made easy and effective entirely on our own? The answer is no. Managing daily tasks within large teams is becoming a problem the world over. The effects of mismanaging communication can be seen in our day-to-day tasks.

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