The Top 10 Gaming Headsets with Mic

We all love Gaming but for some Gaming is a way of life. All such intense gamers look for a perfect experience and want to immerse in unadulterated gaming experience. An important part of gaming experience is the sound. How will you give a headshot to a person coming from behind if you miss his footsteps. Right?

To achieve this sound experience you need a great headset with perfect sound quality and precision. We have compiled list of top 10 best headsets which will not let you miss a single moment of the game. Read this list to find the best headset, whether you’re looking for surround sound, stereo sound, wired or wireless headsets, expensive, or low cost.

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How Technology is Revolutionizing Education in India

We all have completed our schooling by conventional methods including blackboards, whiteboards, chalks, markers, long hour lectures, homework, pen, paper, etc. Today, the modes of teaching are changing.

Talking about modern day classrooms, we notice that they are slowing moving towards newness, accepting modern day methods. Though we have to agree that sweeping out conventional methods from the root of our conventional education system is tough but not impossible.

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Top Technology Trends for Education in India

Technology has evolved so much that it is not only being developed more but it is helping humans to develop themselves by providing them education using technical methods. The increment in usage of tablets, laptops, and smartphones has proved that India is becoming tech savvy. Research report released by one of the Universities in India shows that Internet users of India are expected to increases by 160 million by the end of year 2015.

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Social Media Shortcut Guide [Info-Graphic]

Social media is the new element of life which people need for their social survival; we use these platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus etc. on rather hourly basis than daily. But, it is sometimes really irritating if browsing through this media is slow. In this article I will list down some cool shortcuts by the habit of which you can pace up your browsing speed.

As most of you might not be aware that social media websites have shortcuts of their own which makes browsing faster. I will tell you these cheat sheets and you will become the master of

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Wireless Speakers

Planning to buy wireless speaker? But, in the plethora of wireless speakers available in the market how will you decide which is the best one? In this blog I will list down the qualities of a wireless speaker which you can keep as a checklist while buying one.

1) Loud Volume

A few years back, the size of speakers measured the maximum volume of speakers but now, in the era of portability the loudness of speakers must not be compromised with the size of speaker and vice versa. So a perfect balance has to be struck between size and volume, in order to achieve this, speakers come with bi-amplification where each driver is dedicated to own amplifier. Speaker must also be tuned to maximum efficiency making the system play brassier with enough energy to cater to demands of any playback material.

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