The Evolution of Digital Security [InfoGraphic]

Although the first encryption algorithms were developed in ancient Rome, digital security only had little more than half a century to develop. During these 50 years, however, we have walked a very long path thanks to the people who worked hard to push information security forward, despite the lack of proper credit and compensations for their work.

One such people is Phil Zimmermann, who was very vocal in his criticism of the government for trying to restrict people's privacy. He developed the famous encryption technology PGP (Preaty-Good-Privacy), which was considered to be such an effective encryption technology that the U.S. government tried to sue Zimmerman for letting everybody it. With PGP in the public commons, it threatens the strategic advantage of U.S. government's surveillance programs.

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How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac?

Accidents do happen and when it comes to important data, you have to pay the price if you lose them. Sometime data recovery can take place due to hardware failure, sometime we accidentally delete important photos, videos or files. But, don’t worry, we can recover deleted or lost data using data recovery software. Today we are taking a look at
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Samepage : Productive Cloud Based Social Collaboration Tool

Samepage is a platform by Kerio Technologies which helps team members in companies to collaborate and work better. Not only businesses but individuals can also put Samepage to good use for teaming up with friends for planning for reunions, with family to organize family functions or colleagues to run business errands.

Samepage has a plethora of things to put to use as anybody with or without having any prior technical knowledge can create free pages and share it. Let us divulge into a bit more and get to know what this tool has in store for all of us.
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How to Import & Export in MS Outlook?

MS Outlook application allows to import or export data from Outlook application. This is done using the facility of “Import & Export” option. One can perform several tasks using this exporting and importing task. There are several mediums to which the Outlook email data or contacts can be exported, or data can be imported. One can perform this Import/Export operation as per requirement and choose the medium accordingly. When you want to move email data from MS Outlook application to another system or application Export operation is required. When you want to move email data from any other application or system to MS Outlook application, Import operation is chosen.
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The Role of (Social) Media in Modern Day Drug Culture

One of the reasons drug and alcohol abuse are prevalent in today’s society is due to the media and its influence on individuals in our modern culture. The internet--primarily social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others--consistently connect individuals whom may post images and personal drug experiences without outlining the dangers.

Other forms of media, such as movies and television, also show content that involves drugs and alcohol and may not highlight the adverse effects associated therein.
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