Data Lake Versus Data Warehouse: Which One Should You Get?

Data lakes are currently the hottest innovation in the field of information management. This type of data storage is touted to offer a wide range of features, but admittedly, a lot of organizations are still unfamiliar with them. This has led some to wonder if they should switch from using a data warehouse to using a data lake.

To clear things up, here’s a quick overview of the two different data storage methods:
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How to Create a Business Magazine

Even in today’s world, the prevalence and appeal of print media shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, it could be argued that a much tougher playing field where magazines have to compete with online offerings leads to a higher quality output. The field of business lends itself perfectly to the magazine format and starting one is a great way to network and show off your own skills and expertise. Below are some tips for getting your business magazine off the ground.

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Mobile Apps – Tips to Get Them Ranked in SERPs

Sellers and other retail brands can now benefit from the new ability for the Google organic search engine to rank their mobile apps. Some reputable brands on the web can now see the links to their apps on the first page of Google just like the local listings, web listings and other parameters for ranking.

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Benefits of Having Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR is a well-known feature used in offices worldwide, but despite being accessible to everyone it is a feature that remains relatively unknown to the general public. The reason for this is that there haven’t been that many applications for OCR pushed to mainstream consumption, although there are plenty of situations in which it can be very good to have such a tool on hand. To further expand on this, we will take the opportunity of this article to explore the various differences between having and not having OCR in various situations. It might help you decide whether or not you actually need OCR.

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Why Your Business Needs A Good App

You surely noticed that these days every strong brand out there has a mobile app. But it’s a misconception that apps are reserved only for the big names in the industry. There are a growing number of midsize and small businesses that are grasping the importance of having a mobile app developed, besides the more common mobile-friendly site.

The fact that mobile apps have become one of the most important marketing tools should definitely make you think about creating a mobile platform for your business. In case you have any doubts about why you should build an app, here are some reasons to do so.
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