How do Vaporizers Actually Work?

Why smoke when you can puff on a vaporizer or e-cig? It’s not exactly a trend—it’s becoming mainstream and is among the gadgets college students own. And a lot of people have questions about whether vaporizers really work. This article will examine the issue.

E-cigs have earned quite the reputation lately from all sides of the field. Some people believe they are excellent alternatives to cigarettes, while others think they are the same thing or even more dangerous. It’s hard to get objective facts when you’re dealing with three highly biased sources: the FDA (backed by pharmaceutical companies), the tobacco industry and the e-cig companies themselves. So without getting into all the rhetoric, let’s talk about the science and technology of what e-cigs and personal vaporizers actually do.
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How Playster Plans to Change the Future of Streaming


An interview with Playster CEO Philip Keezer: 

All startups have one primary goal in mind and that’s to shake up their industries. It’s not an easy journey, but with innovation and risk-taking come high rewards, as we recently learned during our interview with Philip Keezer, CEO of Playster.

With offices in Montreal, Canada and New York, but catering to entertainment buffs around the world, Playster is on a mission to “change the future of streaming” by offering unlimited access to books, audiobooks, movies, music and games, all packed into one easy-to-use service.

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7 Things You Should Know About the Unannounced iPhone 7

There was a time when iPhone rumors were for full-on, neck-bearded, basement-dwelling geeks. The current one will have barely hit the market before the features of the next one are pondered, blogged, and debated vigorously.

It is no longer the sole domain of sites like Mac Rumors. It is mainstream news in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. iPhone rumors are more than mainstream. They are internationally relevant. The best ones usually start in Asia where the manufacturing takes place.

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Your Mac is Not Immune To Data Loss

So you finally got a Mac. Excellent choice! You’ve lived the Windows nightmare. You have had one blue screen of death (BSoD) too many. Those spyware toolbars from have popped up in your browser for the last time. Those brilliant
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5 Best Backup & Restore Utility for Windows 8/10

We all know that our systems have an end of life, unfortunately or fortunately, we have lot of dependency on backup and restore utilities for saving our important data. It’s not our PCs that get corrupt, but the hard drive that causes issues. Due to crashing of hard drive, all integrated data required to back up for later use in case of misfortune.

There are number of backup software available now a day that helps you to create complete backup of your important data to the cloud storage or an external hard drive. Most of the tools are paid, but there are few free plans or software as well. Following are some.
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