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Lenovo Launches New Low-cost Desktop PC

Lenovo brings to the market a desktop PC at a low cost for consumers seeking high-value named "H200".

Its special features includes the H200 which is an energy-conscious machine consuming very less energy.

  1. It comes with a sleek and glossy black finish
  2. It uses low power Intel Atom processor, first desktop in Lenovo's series
  3. It comprises of latest core technologies with the Intel Atom 230 processor
  4. It supports the Intel GMA950 integrated graphics
  5. It comes with a 15.4" WXGA display
  6. Storage Capacity of 160 GB hard drive
  7. Memory of 1 GB RAM
  8. Multimedia Keyboard and Speakers
It provides the benefits of lower power consumption to the user because of its fan-less design and provides a friendly environment to the user, making it Lenovo's quietest consumer desktop.

The desktop will cost you around Rs. 18490 + taxes (without an operating system).


  1. Very well... but as i see it they should just unlock the technology they have hidden, not take out low price crapy-desktops, but letting the technologies that are really modern to come out....

    what i mean... is,, any1 would expect a PC with 160 HDD 1 Ram and ... well i have to say 2.5W energy consumption IS something, but, still low profile CPU power... ANY1 would expect that PC to be cheap...

    though i guess it could be useful for managin simple word processors and alike, i dont think one could work comfortably in CAD or design, not to say cutting edge engineering software.

    i've liked this blog so far, thx for the interesting articles


  2. Nice! I like the glossy black finish, it looks very sleek and stylish. The other specs like the memory and the WXGA display are noteworthy too. So it doesn't have a fan? Wouldn't that pose a potential problem?

  3. A desktop PC with a fanless design, this is great. I mean the PC is cute with its glossy black finish. The features are great, the storage capacity is fine but the Memory is supposed to be a little higher. Thanks for the article
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