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Medion launches "Smallest Nettop PC in the World"

Medion, a German manufacturer brings "The Smallest Nettop PC in the world" to the market called Akoya Mini E2076D.

  1. It is only 20mm thick and 173mm deep
  2. It is a veritable featherweight in comparison with
  3. It weighs only 800g
  1. Standard Intel Atom processor
  2. 2GB of RAM
  3. 320GB hard disk
  4. Nvidia’s GeForce 9400M graphics chipset capable of decoding HD video
  5. Draft-n wireless
A cut-down version of it will also be available with specifications:
  1. 1GB of RAM
  2. Integrated Intel graphics
  3. Includes Windows XP
  4. More powerful E2076D will include Windows Vista.
  1. E2076D - €350 alongside a wireless keyboard and mouse
  2. No price has yet been announced for the E2066D


  1. It's amazing how this little can still have those specs. Very cool indeed. :D

  2. Wow this is so cute and nice looking, the smallest Nettop PC in the world. This is so great it has nice features like 320GB hard disk and its also affordable. There are different types in the market now and it also has veritable featherweight with a cut down version having 1 GB RAM. This is cool , i mean being the smallest mainstream nettop....thanks for posting this
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  3. i want to buy this nettop,but i am from India, can i get it in india.....give me the complete details.I am nearer to Chennai.

    thanks and regards