Sony PlayStation 3

The Playstation have marked their impact from the last Christmas season. So far around 8.5 million of the consoles have been sold in Europe.

Sony has directly produced 1,100 games which is approximately 20 percent of the whole for the PS3. IBM and Toshiba worked together to developed the heart of the PS3 which is a multi-core cell processor making it faster than the modern PC's.

Because of the interfaces for digital cameras and MP3 players, the PS3 console can be used for showing pictures or playing music and is more about watching movies than playing games.

Sony might be releasing a motion-sensitive controller early next year consisting of a stick with a red, lighted point and multiple buttons that allows players to guide play with their movements.

Product summary

The good:
  1. Swanky design with quiet operation
  2. All games in high-definition
  3. PSP-like user-friendly interface
  4. Plays high-def Blue-ray movies in addition to upscaling standard DVDs
  5. Built-in Wi-Fi and flash media reader
  6. 60GB hard drive
  7. Online play is free
  8. HDMI output with 1080p support
  9. No external power supply
  10. Free online gaming service
  11. Plays PS2 and PS1 games
  12. Backwards compatibility is hardware based
The bad:
  1. Compelling exclusive games are still few and far between
  2. PlayStation Home and rumble controller not available until 2008
  3. A USB port on the back would've been nice
  4. No infrared port means non-Bluetooth universal remotes aren't compatible
  5. Glossy black finish is a fingerprint magnet
  6. Online gaming, media, and commerce options not nearly as developed as Xbox Live
The bottom line:

The high-end Sony PlayStation 3's larger hard drive and ability to play PS2 games makes it a worthwhile alternative to the cheaper model--so long as you're willing to wait several months for the more promising exclusive titles to hit store shelves. If backward compatibility is your top priority, this hard-to-find model may be worth the search.


Product Description:
Sony PlayStation 3 - Game console
Media Type: BD-ROM , CD-ROM , DVD-ROM
Processor: IBM Cell 3.2 GHz
Price range: $399.99

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  1. I just didn't like the fact that the xbox360 version of the games tend to have more people online, than on the ps3 even if it's free on the ps3.
    Some of the ps3 exclusives are good (metal gear solid 4, God of War 3) , but they've lost some of their exclusives already like tekken and final fantasy (both will be released on the xbox360).

  2. Do u know any firmware for PS3? n how to install it?



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