Three of 2013's Most Impressive Gadgets

Each year technology impresses us with several developments that far surpass the achievements of the previous year. This year is no exception. Manufacturers have been hard at work to fill our shelves with products of the highest quality and they have not disappointed. Here, we take a look at three pieces of technology which stand out for being, seemingly, ahead of their time.

High Performance Laptops

When they first appeared on the market, laptops were a revolution of portability, but they always came with a serious compromise when it came down to their performance. Today, this simply is not the case. The best gaming laptop today can pack 16 GB of RAM, a quad-core i7 processor and solid state hard drive into scarcely more than 2kg.

Screens have come so far in resolution that consumers can expect full HD in an almost paper thin 15.6” display, across a variety of models. All this power allows users to buy laptops safe in the knowledge that no corners have been cut in their design.

HD Camcorder

It seems like just yesterday that You've Been Framed would entertain us with clearly amateur footage of unfortunate but comical events. Today, the notion of home video takes on a very different meaning. No longer are the films we take at home or on holiday so far away from what we see broadcast on television or at the cinema.

The development of the HD camcorder has not only changed home video footage, it has also opened up a whole realm of possibilities for the aspiring film maker. It is now possible to pick up HD quality video for an affordable price and with extensive battery life.

3D Television

Since the release of the film Avatar, 3D has become something of a sensation, with huge numbers of people flocking to the cinema to witness something previously unseen. Technology has developed so quickly that we are now able to bring these 3D films into our home. Whether you're a film buff who enjoys traditional cinema, or a parent looking for something to get the kids excited, 3D television is a hard proposition to turn down.

What is spectacular about 3D television is that, much like the laptop, they come with no mention of compromise. Users can happily watch 3d TV without glasses, just as they can recognise the supreme style of the modern set.

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  1. Between all of the 3 above, Camcorder is the best gadget which I have seen and used till now.

  2. wow this is really impressive and i am waiting for it

  3. this is great news for gadget freaks like me and really impressive



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